When Miracles Happen

Yesterday, standing in Shinjuku station, sweating, nervous, worried that the girl I was about to meet would be in contravention of my expectations..I turned my head and saw a familiar face. Our eyes locked, and for a second my universe shattered into a million pieces, time and space aligned, 3 years of love, adoration and inspiration centered on that moment, I looked at her companion and a voice in my head shouted "Oda Nana!!". Suddenly brought back to reality my heart began to pound with terror and excitement all at once. 3 members of Keyakizaka46 are standing at the stairwell. Did I mention I got off at the wrong station as well? 

Eagerly I approached, why not? This could be my only chance. A literal once in a lifetime opportunity. So I said Excuse me in Japanese, ironically asked them if they were from Keyakizaka46, and then listed their names - much to their amazement. There was Nagasawa Nanako; the nerdy, clever one who has been one of my favourites for years, Yonetani Nanami; a giggly high schooler with a wicked sense of humour, and Oda Nana; someone who always seems to get picked on for her 'manly' way of talking but scrubs up pretty well lol she's very pretty.

So, there I am in early 2016 developing a real interest in Japanese stuff and Keyakizaka46 crystallized that for me. I don't know what it is but they caught my attention, and I decided based on them that Japan was my home, spiritual and one day physical. I trawled the web for magick, for psychics, for ways to convince god to let me go. Anything!!!

I still cant believe I met them, yes it was only 3 but Nanako is actually the best match for me anyway, I didn't expect hugs and kisses, just politeness, but I still managed to get a playful "shhh" from Nanako, who I think was worried they'd get mobbed if people realised who they were. It was only 30-60 seconds but that's fantastic to me, if this can happen..and the chances of it are pretty low in a city of 9 million, me only being here for two weeks, me getting off at the wrong stop, a lot had to come together for it to happen. If I lived here that would be different as it gives me 363 more chances per year.

So yes, this to me is a miracle, a true dream come true, but it's also something much more - it's a fulfilment of desire, following action (coming to Japan). It's evidence than my hard work in gnosticism, magick and Brett's Tribe is paying off, it's also evidence that my desire to live in this beautiful, strange and zen little country isn't so unlikely to be fulfilled either!!

Damn you crypto.... MOON!!!!

Anyway, the message of this tale is, if you want something strongly enough it will happen, only a small amount of effort needs to be given to bring it to fruition, it's all about vibration and emotion, Nagasawa Nanako is strikingly beautiful in person, and her sass is ๐Ÿ‘Œon point.

You can have anything you want, the limit is your imagination. I am absolutely going to throw myself into magick. Oh and one final thing, I have a Keyakizaka46 sticker on my phone case, I showed it to them and they were quite shocked. Then while writing this I realised something. I have an app on my phone for sigils. But all words are in a way sigils...so what if?


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