The importance of getting away.

Being at home is hard, stressful, and really detrimental to one's health. You see the same things day in day out, experience the same woes, the same people, the same job. It's so easy to fall into the same patterns and as such, it's GOOD to run away.

It's funny, if you said "I've had enough, I'm going to...." Chances are someone will say "it's no good running away" wrong they are. If you have some sort of issue with a job, say stress related illness..should you stay in that job or leave? If a place is making you sick why stay there. It's like saying no to the cure for cancer because it's "no good just curing it".

I'm finding myself at an impasse here, I want to stay in Japan but I know I can't right now. My only real choice seems to be to wait for the crypto moon of 2018/2019 and hope it pays off. I know that it will happen, I am staked into one of the biggest contenders for top spot, my god if the universe can make me meet famous people randomly out of nowhere surely it can give me enough money to live here.

The beautiful thing about getting away, especially alone, is it lets you get to know you. It lets you see how you tick. For instance, one day I am meeting a girl, and I really really really don't want to meet her, and I (or at least the monkey mind) will say "I'd much rather be on my own, it's so much easier that way". Then the next day I realise I won't see anyone for a week, and I start to get lonely, and feel like an entire week alone is no fun. Now neither is true and neither matters.

Being alone is fine, yes Japan has a smartphone obsession and the chances of a conversation with someone who's head is so buried in a phone they don't even bother to use the handrail on the train to stabilise themselves and nearly fall over, but it's not about's about you. It's about exploring, seeing new things, meditating in nature, having a Teriyaki McDonald's. 

We all have places we would rather be, so by Jove sir, go to them!! Don't just dream, make the dream reality!!

Now come on coins...moon!! Kansai college awaits!!


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