The Power of Cosmic Consciousness

We are all one.
Thats just some goofy 'new age' idiom right?
Not really.

Look deep into matter and we find energy, everything is energy, the same kind of energy. it's the energy that makes a table hard when it's largely "empty space", it permeates every single thing, and it means fundamentally we are all like knots in a string - accumulations of that 'energy', the more energy there is, the more complex and conscious we are.

Ultimately of course, it means that everything has a level of consciousness, not in an individual human sense of course - more in a "universe experiencing itself" sense. But human consciousness is cosmic consciousness also, the difference is we are now experiencing as individuals as that is the next level of cosmic evolution.

If you look back through human writings, poetry, art. We discover that human consciousness has evolved, there were times when humans openly communicated with the spirits, and perceived them as gods (annunaki etc), as we became more material we lost that contact and different consciousness developed. It explains why we are now so vastly disconnected from ancient civilizations. It explains why Ancient Aliens seems to be the answer to everything, but if you consider human contact with 'the gods' as literally true, that human power in ancient times was psychic and magickal, and Atlantis having truly existed as it was written - all of human history is explainable and perfectly reasonable.

Cosmic consciousness precludes the existence of God in the religious sense, whilst God exists, he is outside the realms of the universe, and would have little interest in altering things, after all, if God controls all things, what is there to experience? It'd be like watching a crime show and the murderer is whoever you decide it to be, that would get boring very quickly.

I will have more to write about this subject as time goes on, I want this blog to become something worthy you your attention, I want this to be a record of my life, as I evolve and grow.

Thanks for reading.


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