The coming global market crash, and how to profit with cryptocurrencies

I am an investor in various cryptocurrencies.
This was my big thing for 2017, my way of making something for myself, a way of gaining independence if you like.

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about my investments, but for context I do need to mention Electroneum, it's my biggest profit maker up to now, even during the crypto dips we've experienced recently.

Anyway, a youtube of the name of TheEngine3r, or ozzy kid as I call him, made an interesting youtube video that a fellow investor told me about. In it he predicted that 2018 was going to bring a collapse in the financial markets, stocks, currencies etc, that would cause a massive surge in crypto investments from various institutions that would inevitably lead to massive, never before seen prices for crypto currencies.

Now, I happened to discover him the day before prices began to drop, I had no idea that it would happen so quickly. But he was right on.

In the easiest, most profane terms I would describe this guy as a genius. In more elevated terms a savant. He touches on points I would never consider in without someone to make me aware of them. But wherever this lad has sprung up from, if he's will not only be investors in Electroneum who benefit, anyone who has an investment in the 'better' coins (i.e. not shitcoins) will see institutional investment from a speculative perspective. When we talk institutional money we are talking a piece of a 17 trillion US dollar pie, but my suggestion is - if someone is new to crypto and is absolutely, utterly 100% going to invest (I am not a financial advisor) - put your cash into solid coins that will have utility in a world without fiat money. For instance, Electroneum is made for small, generalized payments, 1 Electroneum is 100 Electrons (i.e. like 1 Dollar is 100 cents), it allows you to 'mine' using your phone, meaning having the miner on will make you money everyday. Its an easy to use, easy to understand system with a management team that is weekly netting new partnerships, and making new friends in business. Find yourself a crypto like that and you can be part of the revolution that is (hopefully) coming this year, and there are other cryptos that are as solid as ETN.

Here are the videos I am referencing:


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