Demons: What was I really dealing with?

In the past I've wrote articles like "Demons in Dreams", Ghost Hunting and Demons and of course my infamous Alien Abduction posts here and here.

As a christian, I was big on demons - almost zealous. Now, don't get me wrong - I STILL BELIEVE, at least in spirits anyway. I believe in everything you've ever read online, monsters, bigfoot, loch ness, faeries, leprechauns - ALL OF IT.

It's all real. Now, the only thing I question is intent, and thats a big thing. As a christian I would have said something to the effect of "the devil attacking/tricking". But what would the gnostic - or initiate - derive from a demonic encounter? Well, thats basically where we have to begin.

A gnostic contends that the real universe is flipped compared to what traditional 'materialist' christians believe, God (Jehovah/Yaldabaoth) - is the devil, and the true GOD (the ineffable - unknowable) is much more powerful than any christian could believe. All things emanate from GOD, as a word emanates from the mind of a person via his mouth. So does the universe emanate from the mouth (mind) of God. What this means, is that we are also part of GOD - in a literal sense, we are in GOD's mind, right this second, being thought of - animated, yet sentient and capable of knowing of GOD.

We are essentially in a very very very advanced dream that GOD is having - another way of putting it would be "simulation".

So what are ghosts, demons etc

Well, the 'aliens' actually belong to the moon believe it or not. As I was reading in The secret history of the world, they are entities that cleanse the soul of sin before it elevates through the spheres (planets)..................................Oh yes..oh yes.........

...Everything is different now.

It makes sense. Uniformitarianism - that great enemy of fundamentalist christianity, hasn't a leg to stand on, humanity has 'evolved' and so has the world. Time was every God you ever heard of walked the earth (Genesis even says that Jehovah once walked the Earth). As you know, the gods no longer walk among us, they left us. Just as the sky gods left the Native Americans and the Dogon, and the Annunaki left the Sumerians.

Why? Simply, matter became more dense, it was harder for them to materialize for any sustained period of time. They CAN AND DO MATERIALIZE today, usually to bring hope to those in need, and under the guise of angels, but mostly they work in the astral plane where humans once had easy waking access prior to the increasing density of matter.

One world became two, and now encounters with the spirit world became myth, eventually - thanks to Rome - it became something to fear.

What did I encounter in my room 7 years ago, and as it evil, was it even real? One thing I can say for certain is that it was not a demon sent from Satan to steal my soul. I know that they pulled me from my body, never hurt me, and didn't seem hostile. Perhaps they came to let me know that they weren't so bad - after all, I have always feared being abducted by aliens. But when one divorces themselves from the 'material' sense of alien abduction, realises that it happens astrally and that we leave our bodies and travel elsewhere and will always return to our bodies, it's much easier to sleep.

In fact I've never seen them again, I haven't had sleep paralysis in years, I've seen no scary demon kids, I sleep soundly. It's funny - I can use spirit boxes, practice magick, read books on esoteric knowledge, goetian demons, listen to coast to coast am, read fortean times and sleep like a baby.

I believe, as a christian, I was so deeply involved with the idea of Satan and his legion of demons, and the emotions of sadness, fear, anger all repressed, that I created thought forms, I often felt powerless, and in sleep I would experience that expressed as demons, attacking me, or at least screaming.

It's funny how that screaming child I wrote of in one of my blog posts wore a football tshirt, as I used to wear a football tshirt, his hair also resembled mine as a child. What if he represented my inner child, bound up, his screaming representing my emotions needing to be released?

I will continue to ponder my experiences, I will likely experience new things as well in the future, however - I will meet them standing on my own two feet, and ask the question "what do i need to learn from this?".

If you've read through this, I must commend you. I hope that in some way this helps you.


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