The Wanderer Returns, Twice in a Blue Moon

2017 was an astonishing year, so much happened.

I'm now, back, with so much to talk about.
Apologies for being away almost a year, but I needed it. 2017 ended my love affair with standard christianity, acquainted me with the mysteries, opened my heart to new possibilities, and made me see the world through a new eye. The eye of wisdom perhaps?

2017 took me from childhood to adulthood, from laziness to persistence, I owned 3 new websites and closed each of them, leaving me here on my homebase, I want to break free realised that the only thing he needed to break free from was his own limitations.

I also uncovered the secrets of the spirit box, learned about the three bases of the human body/spirit, began to understand what religion is and does, what the true purpose of humanity is, where we are headed, and why conspiritainment is literally just that, that freedom is individual not collective. I discovered cryptocurrencies, invested, and profited. I travelled to Japan, and discovered the kindred spirit. I travelled to a past life, saw myself as a man in a country house, and travelled a little further back to a down and out brigand in a public house in the 18th century.

I discovered through a psychic that I was once a soldier in the great war and sadly died during it. I learned to use tarot, I also discovered I will eventually marry a dark haired brown eyed lady who will be quite the nerd.

My confidence has grown, and while I still have a long way to go, I am not 100% the same person who wrote my previous blog posts. There will be no more biblical preaching (although I will discuss theology), funnily enough I will probably be more like I was in 2011, but speaking from a much more advanced level.

I also discovered stoicism, reiki, ASMR, the Fortean Times, and Kindle Paperwhite

I hope you can understand why I needed a break, the highs and lows have been gigantic, I've been "finding myself", and honestly - I feel like this blog can really become something great. Theres so much i can write about, so many things I can tell you, and I hope you are benefitted in some way from the information I impart. One day I intend to make a podcast, but it's a long way off yet. I'm planning to move to Japan and at that point I will DEFINITELY get on the podcasts, probably via youtube. Thats more than likely for 2019 anyway. If I do start something like that I'll let you know.

The first thing to deal with: is the abject nonsense of The Blue Moon Apocalypse, Some guy named Paul Begley, a pastor, has decided for three years straight to claim that our rare Blue/Blood Moons are a sign from God that he's going to drain the swamp. Now, biblically he's off his rocker, but spiritually why would anything that's -ordinary- at least in the sense of "this has happened before", be a sign from an omnipotent, omniscient, entity claiming to be god. Look at the bible, God never does such things, he brings TEN concurrent plagues and kills ALL the firstborn in Egypt, he destroys a civilization, he puts a prophet in a tornado and sends him to heaven, he brings the dead to life - he does a 'new thing'. The nature of god aside, blue moons are not a rarity, neither are blue blood moons. Now, if the moon exploded, a giant hand came out and literally pulled people off the earth, then yeah - that might be an apocalypse. Of course this is all playing into evangelical fears of shrinking church numbers, as well as zealous self-appointed prophets who love the control they have, and enjoy people coming to them for their 'biblical wisdom'. Nearly all of these prophets are zionists, and believe the 1947 creation of the state of Israel is some sort of 'revelation' from God that the Bible is definitely true, immediately this calls their exegesis into question, considering God's torment of 'his people', and his talk of the babylonian trained jews as a "synagogue of satan", who are said to bow before the christians in the book of revelation.

Super blood moon APOCALYPSE: Bible prophecy predicts 'return of Messiah and end of days'

This is the title of the Daily Star article, aghast? I am. When the bible and the teachings of a few snake oil salesmen are united, thats not good for anyone. Consider the church of Rome, it's the same thing, but nowadays it's even worse. The New Testament, the compendium of introspection, assessment of the soul, the gnostic teachings of Paul...all have been coloured by the teachings of a few elites who have wanted to subjugate the human race. Now we have nuts who want to sell books, or get a boner from the power they have over the masses. It's a sad state of affairs.

It's important to realise, the Bible is a compendium of books, decided for us long ago what is 'canon'. It existed as a way of making us think differently, in a more abstract sense. Tomorrow the Blood moon will rise, and fall, there will be no 'great earthquake' (although Begley right now is looking at recent earthquakes as evidence), no angel trumpets, no nuclear holocaust.

Notice also, how the headline says "predicts return of Messiah and end of Days". So the next guy to pop up is the Messiah? you mean the guy who does great signs and wonders and brings fire down from heaven.

Now, I may have put christianity in it's place, but I still have what I learned over the years, and I can tell you he is twisting the text to suit his 'prophecies'. Just go look at his youtube channel and you'll see what I mean.

Just a nice fact for you from the article:

"Blood moons occur about twice a year, but a super blue blood moon has not been seen since 1866."

"there has been approximately 3,900 blood moons since the Book of Revelation was penned in around 69 AD."

There you go, no 'new thing'. If Revelation was true, the great earthquake would be the entire planet shaking, the sun would go black when it shouldn't, the moon would be red at 1pm and so red it looked like blood, the entire world would be black, the sky like Ink and only the moon showing through. It would be so extreme, and defy physics, astronomy...all human wisdom. This is why these hucksters fail, because they are taking things science has explained, and tries to twist the bible to it for attention.

Thats why you should never worry about what they're saying. Because if Jehovah decides he wants us dead, there won't be any warning, it'll just suddenly start.


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