Ghost Hunting and Demons.

I love Ghost Adventures, it is a fun romp around old buildings looking for ghosts, you have big characters and lots of drama. However, it shouldn't be called Ghost Adventures, it should be called Demon Adventures or to go further "The Search for Satan".

I got a bit carried away with the show and decided to test for myself whether they were getting ghosts or not. So I downloaded some apps, one was called Ghost Radio. I was in the bathroom, alone, and pressed the button, about two minutes later this creepy electronic voice started to break through, the app wasn't "calibrated", but it didn't stop me from trying to cast this thing out, in something of a panic.

A while later I upped the courage, made a little reddit post asking whether this stuff was valid, and decided to run it and leave it on. I got lots of words:

don't go

Needless to say I was certain that this app was rubbish, and I'm still not sure, although I noticed certain percentages which apparently is the percentage of likelihood that the word received was actually represented in the text.
About 2 minutes later, I received "human, to, months" and a very very high pitched ultrasonic wave hit my eardrums and the headphones were off.

I did a lot of praying that night.

Today I decided to try it again, at work. I was in the canteen with a colleague, we put the app on, ran it, an "entity" started trying to talk, it was like the bathroom again, and i told the "entity (demon)" to say hello to my colleague, and...yes it did, with his name.

For the rest of the shift we used the phone like a little Ovilus (ghost hunting tool), and we got lots and lots of words, too many to type here, but it was largely gibberish.

When I got home I foolishly, and I repeat this is FOOLISH downloaded the AD_III spirit box app, and this is where intelligent, demonic entities decided to tell me that I am going to hell, that family members were going to hell, that I was an instrument of Satan, that I would burn - and no, I'm not joking.

This app is like the SpiritBox SB7, it basically feeds radio (internet radio) through it at high speed, until certain words can be made out at the choice of the entity/ies. Well, I wasn't as scared as before, because nothing bad has been happening to me thanks to the power of God. These demons tend to just be cast into the abyss afterwards. But there are millions of them, and they hate Christians.

I decided to do a test, I got my trust KJV out, and started reading scripture, my goodness, the AD3 decided to go haywire, the words sped through, cycling, there was mockery, words like c**ksucker and c*nt - this is real.

So I read a psalm, and the gospel of John. Then I decided that I was most definitely dealing with demons, the same entities we see in the exorcist, and horror movies, and that I would do much better in praying, repenting, and in writing this specific article.

Why? Because there are no spirits of the dead, every time you hear the Ovilus or SpiritBox go off on Ghost Adventures/Hunters/Asylum you are hearing a demonic being - a deceiver. Now, because I am a Christian, and I am being observed, these things go no holds barred with me, there is no point in pretending to be Gerald from 1851 who died of TB, or some old miner or a spirit child, or even Jesus the ascended master, I know what they are - so they let loose, tried to scare the heck out of me, and even make me worry about my family. Remember the "human, to, months" from before? Another threat (to = two).

Should I be concerned? Yes and no, I should be concerned that I was even foolish enough to once again use these divination apps, that says alot of my spiritual health, should I be concerned about what these devils said? No, my Father in heaven is greater than all the devils in the world combined, and God's angels are stronger. But I put this here as a warning to anyone who decides to meddle, and to explain to you that these things are NOT dead people!

If you are Christian you are just as likely to be told that you're going to burn in hell, if you are not Christian - you'll be given lots of misinformation, it will be someone pretending to be dead, you may just hear a word of some sort. One interesting "evp" I got through was "me, week (probably weak), scared" - now whoever said that, was explaining the true state of demonic entities, why they tend to feed off energy, why people will go dizzy, why cameras will shut down. They're weak, and scared.

Another interesting thing to note is that when you are 'receiving' your battery will drain far quicker than when you aren't.

The world outside our world, the world of the shadows, is a very very miserable one.

Be careful folks.

A few interesting evps in my Ghost radio log (I'll include percentages):

fewer (85%) - My colleagues had just left, I was alone
darkness (74%)
prisoner (49%)
freedom (62%)
connect (85%) - I told it I didn't want to connect
(24%) -
probably another word, unintelligible
you (100%) - oy oy
sinful (85%) - interesting that a christian should be called sinful
thirsty (99%)
shoulder (70%) - my shoulder had been hurting earlier, just before we first turned on the app as well.

chilly (70%)

At this point it left.


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