Marching to Zion: A Review

(I am in no way associated with this documentary, and as such my review will remain honest, unbiased and accurate)

PASTOR Steven Anderson is no stranger to controversy, since he started his church in 2005 he has preached doctrines that mainline churches throughout the western world are afraid to even mention - let alone disseminate.

This year alone Pastor Anderson has had protests outside his church against his views on homosexuality, has suffered the wrath of Irish radio listeners, has been on various news stations defending his doctrinal beliefs, and most recently spoken out against Creation Today chiefs Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor.

Whilst many in the modern church would label Anderson a heretic and extremist, his preaching regularly gets him thousands of views on youtube, and his documentary films have garnered millions. He is perhaps the most revolutionary theological figure of the 21st century, and his new documentary film may prove to be his most divisive, yet important film to date.

I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced copy of the film "Marching to Zion", heralded as an expose of the modern zionist movement, false theology, and the truth about the Jews' place in both history and end times bible prophecy. I must admit to have been filled with excitement as I had been waiting to see the film for months, when offered the chance to review it I was even more thrilled.

The film begins with the history of Israel, from Abraham through to the Diaspora. Showing that the history of this beleaguered nation is one of tumult and oppression, all stemming from their own rebellion. At one time they conquered, and now they were being conquered. I must say, this is a very compelling introduction, a necessary one as well, The introduction reaches its climax with the destruction of Jerusalem was, and the spread of the Jews across the globe, a critical point that calls to the films ending.

Marching to Zion is a powerful, enlightening documentary. It is filled with history, inspiration, and truth. It gives the history of Israel, it gives the verses, It spans the entire bible in order to show that Christianity is the true seed of Abraham, and that Zionism is a fraud, a deception - the work of Satan.

For instance, it quotes the Talmud - the true bible of Judaism - and exposes what Judaism teaches about Jesus (it even mentions a boiling vat of faeces), and may make you cringe to ever hear the term "Judeo-Christian" again. The Talmud of course is a compilation of Pharisaical teachings from the 2nd century BC to about the 5th Century. It calls Mary a whore, it calls Jesus Baalam. Yet this is just the beginning.

It discusses how Jews don't follow the Mosaic texts, how they disbelieve Genesis, how they think God is both male and female, how they view Paul as a despicable rebel who twisted scripture and history to make the Jews the murderers of Jesus.

It also discusses conspiracy theories, which may delight many viewers, it calls upon the House of Rothschild and Lord Balfour, it discusses Freemasonry and Kabbalah. Its a most necessary part of the movie. After all this isn't National Geographic or Discovery, this isn't intending to make you fall asleep, but intending to give a fully rounded history of how and why Israel came to exist in 1948 - its not what you've been taught.

When it comes to my views on Israel, and my feelings about the genocide in Palestine I have been ostracised from my former church. Zionism is as prevalent in the UK as it is in the US. I have heard my own former preacher present his case against 'Replacement Theology' as this: "If you don't support Israel you are not welcome in this church", and to be quite honest this is the case all over the world. God calls us to welcome all to Christ with open arms, however the modern zionist 'universal' church views anyone who speaks against Israel, or against zionism itself as anti-semitic, this is exposed in this documentary as well. It features all sorts of so-called christian leaders including John Hagee, Sam Gipp, Joyce Meyer - even Joel Osteen makes an appearance.

Anderson and his colleague Paul Wittenberger have literally left no stone unturned in their pursuit of evidence to support their case.

Pastor Anderson interviews various Jewish leaders including Orthodox, Humanist and Liberal Rabbis. Also featured is Conspiracy expert and Preacher Texe Marrs, Pastors Donnie Romero and David Berzins have their say, as well as various Baptist Pastors and scholars. This is not a cheap film, it must have taken hours upon hours of research and travel. Its definitely the most expensive and extensively researched film released by Framing the World Productions - this is evident just from watching it.

If you were a pro-Israel evangelical would you be convinced by this documentary that everything you believed was wrong? I have to say I doubt it. Probably within the first ten minutes you would turn it off enraged. This is not to criticise the production, its exemplary. I think this is probably better for the undecided, the researcher who scours the internet watching Youtube videos about the end times and who is already well aware of Daniel's 70th week, and who doesn't sit in the pew soaking up what his/her John Hagee clone preacher has to say.

One of the true strengths of this film is in showing that the Jews are literally waiting for the Anti-Christ - in order to FOLLOW him.

My only criticism has to be that the interviews with the rabbi's weren't longer, whilst I appreciate the tone of the documentary in that it exposes Judaism and promotes Christianity, I think that the Rabbis themselves do a great job of showing how fraudulent their religion is, and convict themselves by their own mouths, more of the interviews need to be seen on youtube - I sincerely hope that they do that as they did with the James White interview.

Furthermore, I hope that this video disseminates as well as After the Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions, whilst this is unlikely to convert a Zionist right off the bat, it may spark a sense of doubt in their minds that will cause further research, after all - how could any Christian support a religion that calls the Lord Jesus Christ a false, failed Messiah?

I sense a big backlash upon the film makers - in fact it has already begun - so I must say that this venture is very, very courageous.

I absolutely recommend this film, in many circles this will be seen as just what we need to break the stranglehold of Zionism on contemporary Christianity. I don't think that change will happen overnight, but I do sense that as this film spreads throughout the internet it will be a big reference point to any debate. I have seen After the Tribulation cut into many documentaries on Youtube, and as other commentators such as Chris White have said that the Anti-Christ is likely to be the Jewish Messiah, I can see this high quality, well researched film being the herald of a growing movement of Christians that are awake, aware and theologically accurate in their beliefs, and now are willing to stand up against the plague that is Zionism.

The film is expected to be released in early April: Pre-orders of Marching to Zion are available here 


Custer Church said…
Great Review! Thanks!
-Pastor Matt Furse
Awesome review. I cant wait to see it for myself.
Arthur Wray said…
A great review. I look forward to seeing this film based on truth which comes from the Bible.
George Barwick said…
Great review, I was a strong supporter of Israel but now will need to do a lot of study. :) Thanks

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