Why Alex Jones and not Bill Cooper? Why did one die and the other live?


Why did Bill Cooper die and Alex Jones not? Back in 2000 the hottest thing in truth movement was Bill Clinton, George Bush, 'Usama' Bin Laden, and the war between Jones and Cooper, Bill was 'exposing' Alex as a fraud, a con man and a liar, and Alex was continuing just as he had before, selling his water filters and wind up torches and 'exposing' the NWO.

Bill was (as is evidenced by his recordings) an 'evidence only' kind of guy. He used bibliographies, he cited sources and there was no way this little upstart Alex Jones was going to claim Russia was nuking the US on New Years Eve and get away with it.
Without some kind of event, these two gentlemen were destined to become two sides of the same coin, Alex would grow as a 'truther' eventually becoming a Bill Cooperesque figure in his own right. Alex has in modern times become a citer of sources, setting up a news network, and promoting christian values and the King James Bible on his program. Bill has sadly, but inevitably faded into the background since his death, but in my opinion has had a greater influence on Alex than he would let on.

So why did Bill die and not Alex?

In my opinion Alex lived because of his errors, and his hyperactive delivery, and his lack of citation. Back in 2000 Alex was a scare jock, and by 2001 Bill was the King of Radio Truth. Had it continued, Bill would have been a George Washington figure, and Alex would have been 'two bit', with only a small fringe listening audience. Bill would undoubtably have grown and grown.

This is to say nothing about Alex's character, time was I would have taken a two dimensional view of Alex as a collaborator, but I don't think so any more, I think he was an unwitting aid to the elites in 2000, and its quite possible that his jump on it style was used and abused and he was set up, Alex has proven himself time and again, and his only detractors are the sort of folks who feel he has slighted them in some way. Theres no 'concrete' evidence that Jones is of the devil (lol). But there is evidence that his character rubs people up in the wrong way sometimes. He is a showman, and I think he does try to reign that in.

Bill, was a very stoic individual, he would read paragraphs of books, would quote documents, would literally provide a case, provide arguments to support what he believed, and often would overwhelm you so much with the evidence he provided that you HAD to believe him. Mystery Babylon for instance, I'm still convinced that that is the religion of the elites. Despite him being dead now for 12 years, the evidence is there and is undeniable.

This is why Bill had to die, there has to be a dialectic, even for secret plans like the NWO, Alex was a more safe option than Bill, With Alex's delivery and evidenceless style the NWO had more time to prepare, (and yes I think Alex will vanish at some point), now that Alex has matured, developed infowars/prisonplanet I think that we now are in an early Bill sort of situation, given time, he can become a threat, but now he's an exposer and I like it. The more he promotes christianity the better he will be, and with his network he can expose, deliver and make up for his earlier loss of integrity. I don't ever believe that he's actively, consciously been working on the side of the illuminati, but he may have unwittingly assisted them.

Such things happen, and Bill has left a big hole for people like Jones, myself and others to fill. But with the grace of God we can all do it. In 2001, Alex took on that role, he grew over the years, and NOW he's much more mature, slower and provides evidence for his claims. We now have a community that Bill would have dreamed of back in the day, and its thanks to Alex that we can claim the title TRUTH MOVEMENT, and its thanks to Bill that we have nearly 2000 recordings that can elaborate, and dig deeper into whats going on. Without Alex I wouldn't know the basics, without Bill I wouldn't have known that there is a totalitarian SOCIALIST world government on the way caused by adherents to the ancient mystery religons, who worship SATAN. But it is enough to know that there is a push for a nasty, evil world government by globalists. Alex is now brushing the surface of mystery babylon.

You see, the elites were not ready for someone to expose what they were exposing in 01, Bill would have led the movement that Alex will soon lead, 10 years earlier, they could have been overthrown, but these folks plan years ahead, and they knew what was coming.

Their puppet, OBAMA, and whoever is next!


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