Where is truth, justice and liberty today?

He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit.  

Proverbs 12:17-19

We have a real problem in the world today, A man - a Somali man - is on the run from British police. The furor exists because this man is suspected of being part of the CIA funded Al-Shibab, which authorities say carried out the Kenyan hostage/siege thing that happened a while back. Apparently this Somali man is Satan incarnate, because he claims that MI5 tortured him, and is throroughly suing him. The real problem of course, is that this man escaped dressed in a Burkha. This is scary, be afraid, be very afraid.

Where is truth and justice today? Can you honestly trust the news? News agencies today blithely report TORTURE by our governments as if its a little bit of extra cash on the side, or a a bit of naughtiness. If the newsmedia truly cared about truth and justice, wouldn't they be going crackers over this? I mean, if they can do this abroad, under the nose of a sovereign government, why can't they do it here where they rule the roost? Who's going to stop them?!

This is where I get REALLY ANGRY, you see, torture is one step away from execution, any government that does this should be removed, and then imprisoned. Its a direct violation of the Bill of Rights - yes Britain has a Bill of Rights, and its a violation of the Geneva convention, and of the European Human Rights Act. Yet nobody says a word. The main problem of course, is that the News media not only fails to act appropriately towards crimes against humanity, but often it won't report on it, or will simply lie. why do they do this?

They are our manipulators, Last night, on Question Time, the debate was this - "Should we ban Burkhas", now - should that have been the main topic of debate? In a just society, in a land that loves liberty? Should it not have been talk of revolution? OUR GOVERNMENT TORTURES PEOPLE, WITHOUT ANY HESITATION, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Recently Steven Anderson covered Revelation 18, which refers to the destruction of Babylon, He referred to America as the American Empire, which is essentially the modern day Babylonian/Roman/Greek Empire. He thoroughly believes that the American Empire will be nuked by the Kings of the Earth for its sins which have spread across the Earth, one of which is the sin of Hollywood, which has deceived the entire world. One of the horrors which we humans now face is the violation of liberty, and the violation of long established human rights, which are enshrined in the US constitution, which is based upon BRITISH common law. I capitalize british for one reason - before America was the champion of freedom and liberty, We - here in the UK, were the European champion of freedom and liberty. We had our problems, but one thing we ensured was this:

No excessive bail or "cruel and unusual punishments" may be imposed.

Not only is it disgusting that we here in the UK don't carry a copy of our rights around like many Americans do, nor cherish those rights as INALIENABLE or given by GOD, but even more so, is that many people would gladly take those rights away from people without any hesitation, simply because HOLLYWOOD has made it that people view the world in this skewed way, where the government has its secret police, who are always right, and that people who act like unintelligent cavemen and just shoot people on sight is cool and normal, Truly Satan runs Hollywood, and runs the hearts and minds of billions who are deceived, It is not good to shy away from injustice, it is in fact EVIL to wish injustice on others. Yet we allow, neigh apathetically support these injustices on others because of cowardess, and laziness. I don't know if its the TV, fluoride, aspartame, chemtrails or whatever thats causing people to shy away from saying NO, but I think more than anything its selfishness. But one day folks, its all going to come back to haunt you. It may be brown people far far away who are the enemy off our governments at the moment, but one day folks, they'll bring US ALL into remembrance, and then the hammer - and the sickle is going to fall.

Oh, and lets not forget that God had Babylon NUKED. Don't think that he's going to just let you get off scot free.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Revelation 18:4


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