The rise of collectivism - the rise of communism

Communism, community-ism. The idea that the populace at large are masters of destiny - when appropriately led of course. Communism is nowadays seen as mein fuhrer and his masses, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung Il. But the truth of the matter is that Britain embodies more of the ideals of Marxism than any communist dictatorship. The state you see, is the people, democracy - mob rule. Not 'The power that is' -one leader but 'The Powers that Be' -the rule of populace.

So when I read today that parents that buy alcohol for their children should be named and shamed, I immediately think to myself of the socialists in America who say that a child belongs to everyone and not just their parents. But of course in communism/socialism - a child does belong to everyone, in communism everyone is a ward of the state - it has to be that way to stop the (lol) rich bourgeoisie from ever taking power - and they always do - because its that rich bourgeoisie that manipulates events to ensure they take power.

this is quite short, but to me this is an example of what happens when you push God out of society. God is King, but you can't have kings in the New World Order - well, at least at first, seemingly.

ach, personality cults are so useful. 


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