Why my opinion on Alex Jones has changed.

I used to despise Alex Jones, I used to honestly think he was an agent for the CIA or NSA or even the illuminati themselves. But, my opinion has changed vastly. I now think he's most definitely a good thing for us all.

Whats changed?

Firstly, I repent of writing about his Piers Morgan appearance, and sending it to Henry Makow for him to put on his site. I was arrogant, self centred and self important. What good was I doing the truth movement when I discredited a highly important figure in the movement.

It seems to be the vogue to hit on Alex Jones, I guess its because we do so little and he is capable (due to his position) of doing such good. Today, as I write, he's out there in San Antonio marching for the second amendment, and here I am writing this watching Star Wars.

Basically, my view has changed because I was acting out of envy, and I was wrong to do so. Alex is an inspirer, he's inspired a lot of young men to get off their backsides and do something great, and what have we done folks? Made youtube videos criticizing him because we 'suspect' him?

Suspect is not proof.

My opinion changed a few weeks/months ago, when he said that Jesus was his Lord, I don't have the exact video, or date, or anything..but He was talking about the elites being satanists and getting quite emotional about it, and I thought woah - this is truth. I do think Alex may have lost his way, but it was nothing for me to write about, and I do agree with him now telling Piers Morgan that 1776 would commence, I actually think I would have said something similar had I been there - Morgan is indeed a proven agent of the elites.

So I am a PP.tv subscriber, I heartily watch whenever I can, and I support Alex in whatever he does.

God bless America, Britain and those who work to secure the freedom of their peoples!


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