Demons in Dreams

Demonic attacks are real, we've all had those experiences where we wake up in the middle of the night paralysed, to find a weight on your chest. Unable to move, you hear banging screaming, maybe even physical sensations, voices in your ears - so on and so forth.

Science calls this sleep paralysis, this always terrifying experience is supposed to be hormonal in nature, and nothing to worry about. Yet occasionally, this terrifying encounter can also lead to that phenomena known as 'alien abduction', which has many, rather startling implications to it.

I've catalogued my own experience with the 'alien abduction' phenomena - and how the name of Jesus dealt with that rather spiffingly. But just because that has been dealt with, it doesn't mean that my own stupidity can't evoke other encounters - such as what I experienced just this last night.

After a rather wonderful nights sleep, I suddenly awaken, only to fall back asleep again. Suddenly
this boy is before me, blonde haired, what appeared to be a sports tee-shirt on. He in a friendly and jovial fashion says something to me (which I cannot remember sadly), and immediately I'm aware that this was something sinister and evil, and so I rebuke it. At this moment, the most terrifying demonicencounter I have ever had begins. I don't know why, but I was utterly petrified, even when I hadso-called aliens standing in my bedroom I wasn't as scared as I was here.
This child begins screaming, in a non human way, and banging the chair I was sitting on (in the dream) - it was almost like zombie, I begin circling the chair, screaming constantly. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus "I command you in the name of Jesus to go to the abyss", each time It got more scary.

Until finally I simply prayed. Then I woke up.


You're probably wondering why I was so scared. Well, my own theory is that this is the most powerful demon I've ever encountered, this demon, was in fact most likely brought on by the self help tapes I've been downloading, hypnosis etc. Recently blasphemy has been filling my head, and
I've not been a happy bunny. I personally think that this demon has been whispering in my ear, making my life a misery. So when I prayed before bed last night that I be freed from this sin, What happens? The demon makes a last ditch attempt to terrify me, to do anything to mess with my head.

You see, dreams are the perfect environment for demons to get to you, you're already in an altered state, creating visual artefacts we know as dreams, when you see these people in dreams you assume it to be reality and these people to be real - so you're disarmed. Dreams are the perfect
environment to subliminally change beliefs and opinions. Just think of all those people in the dreams, people you've never seen before, could one of them in fact be a demon in disguise?

Theres plenty of information on google about demons in dreams. God is faithful, and my prayer was answered, but I've had dreams before that I can now correlate to the same phenomenon.             

Anyway, if you've encountered similar 'nightmares' please write below or send me a message.

God bless.


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