Magic is not a trick, it is real.

I've recently been watching the wonderful documentary series by Xendrius on youtube. But what wonderfully is shown, is that many magicians in fact, are in league with demons in order to carry out their 'tricks'. Theres a reason they are called tricks. One of the many lies is that there is in fact a rational explanation for many of the 'tricks' carried out by street magicians such as Dynamo. Be a fly on the wall, and imagine what you would see if you actually were able to spend a day with them, visit their homes and watch them practice. Would you see an elaborate set up that allows a man to place his hand on sold glass and melt it? Or to levitate in the street with no strings? Or to take a handkerchief and float it in mid air, then let it fly off without strings, intelligently hundreds of feet? Or to take a mobile phone, shrink it, and place it in a glass bottle?

The truth of the matter is, that the magician is no different than a witch, and they actually are carrying out REAL magick. They are not charlatans who are able to create illusions, but they are really indoctrinators, changing public perception of witches, who once would have ran away in terror at what these people are capable of doing. Who worship idols, carry out satanic rituals, and are actually part of the the higher echelons of the elites. The magic has gone from simple card tricks, to real demonic practices. Who can call forth fire at will, melt coins with their bare hands.

Come on folks!

Dynamo for instance, took a walk ON the Thames.

The question is, what does the future hold? Will the magic get more blasphemous? Will people begin to worship these folks? Will a magician arise who claims to be Jesus, and have the "tricks" to prove it?

I suggest we be really careful what we allow into our homes, and our minds, and that Christians do not allow these folks to convince us that Satan and his angels are not real, Remember, when Jesus returns, he won't have to tell us.

So to finish, demons are more powerful than humans, and exist in more dimensions than we. The tricks that astound us that magicians peform, are easy for a demonic being, when allowed access to a human body, they can perform many feats, beyond our imagination, so much so that it is easy for a human to believe them to be gods. In the past at least, today we can't play that card so easily, we just have to remain astounded, and ask "how"?

But one day, that card will be played, and I just wonder, how long before card tricks are done with, and suddenly buildings vanish, or fire shoots out of eyeballs or something. Already Dynamo is literally flying, as is David Copperfield. And there is no wires! there really isn't. Explain it, cos without some external force making this happen, its impossible. Science doesn't ask for an explanation from them, because they don't claim (or reveal) that it comes from a deity, or from an angel, like say a psychic would claim it to be some kind of sixth sense.

I would recommend we research into this.


Your President said…
So by your hypothesis The TV show Ghost Hunters investigators are committing blaspheme. Interesting.
Actually, in a way yes, because the bible says not to mess with this stuff.

The correct Christian response to 'paranormal' activity would be prayer to Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that their intentions are good, and that they genuinely do want to help people, and their debunking is pretty good oftentimes - as most time supposed activity turns out to be nothing much.

But when it comes to actual demonic activity - and their telling folks that these are harmless ghosts who simply are trapped her for whatever reasons - thats where I shuffle in my seat uncomfortably. No ghost is harmless, its a demonic being, and its there for a reason.

Thank you for you comment
laserchalk said…
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laserchalk said…
You're an idiot. It is not real magic, it is an illusion. They aren't demons, they are just ordinary people that have a talent for magic. What even makes you think that what they do is real?
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I agree Laserchalk that they are tricks but not with your name calling as it still remains deception. Deception and trickery have no place in God's Kingdom since whatever is being done in deceit. It is such tricks that lead to conman-ship in business (double your money with the eye being faster than the hand swapping the cards)
Unknown said…
100% i agree with Christopher! All true sadly is it real stuff not magick!Using Demons to do his Black Magick, But dont worry Demon all ready take His Soul for the worship !
Unknown said…
As a Muslim, I can tell you that you are correct. These are demonic entities at work, not simple magic tricks. The masses are asleep and oblivious unfortunately. You don't need to be religious to see this stuff for what it is. Wake the hell up. That is not to say that anyone who performs magic is doing so with the aid of demonic entities, however.
Unknown said…
This is all demonic and very much illuminati based luciferian worship. The devil is ramping up because he wants to be worshipped. The freemasons are doing just that. In the end after this life is complete they will find out what it's like to be eternally without Christ.
ClaytheBerge said…
You're a blockhead. It is not genuine enchantment, it is a hallucination. They aren't evil presences, they are simply common individuals that have an ability for enchantment. What even makes you surmise that what they do is genuine? magic uae

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