(almost) One week with Sid.

Its been almost a week, and I need to give you folks an update on how my debian sid install is going. Firstly, this isn't the same install! But thats not Sid's fault.

Okay, I've basically extirpated my system and started again, my previous install didn't feel clean, awesome window manager wasn't playing right, and I actually wiped thinking I would just install xfce4 and leave it there. I also tried aptosid,  to see if that would be any better - it most certainly was not.

I decided to do all my upgrades to sid in cli, prior to installing xfce - this worked much better, and resulted in a much more stable system, one that has worked excellently now for a whole week. Also, temptation won the day and awesome is back. Through some work of magic, xfce is going in the background and awesome has completely taken control, whilst utilizing the xfce daemons.

[Just to inform you, awesome is a tiling window manager, basically allowing you to have maximum screen space whilst having many programs open at once - its all about efficiency].

I've done twice-daily upgrades (thats how quick sid is) and have almost 0 bugs to speak of, although awesome does seem to struggle with system trays. sometimes my power applet is there, other times it isn't. Thats about it. I haven't really noticed, I always have active terminal applets and acpi -V seems to cover power.

The 3.9 kernel still doesn't support backlight after hibernate, so I'm still on 3.2.

there you go.

God bless.


Why is a christian blog promoting linux? Linux is about freedom, freedom from tyranny and monopoly, I support this - it's why I use Linux. If everyone used linux, windows would be dead, and our software would be controlled by us, rather than we controlled by our software. Linux promotes learning, windows promotes stupidity.

take care.


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