Alien Abductions - they're not aliens, and they can be thwarted!

Almost two years ago I wrote a lovely little account of my attempted "alien abduction". Something that still occupies my thoughts to this day. I have no idea what went on that night, but I do know it has never re-occurred.

Well today I watched an interesting show named "confessions of an abductee", and it gave me a stark recollection of what happened to me that night, and once again reinforced the reality of my encounter.

Similarities inclue:

2.Passing through solid matter
4.Something sitting on oneself holding them down
5.Surroundings that look exactly as they always do (evidence its not a dream)
6. Extreme vividity
7. Encounter with 'the greys'

Of course, this was unlike any experience I have ever had in my entire life. I am certain that if I had of reacted (in a purely secular sense) as those folks acted, I would have had many more encounters since. Of course I had no fear - at least not the sheer terror experienced by most abductees, for them they are helpless, and I can understand that feeling, as a child I had that feeling - far too much exposure to shows like sightings, which promulgated the belief that there is nothing you can do to stop an abduction - had I actually encountered these things in person, I probably would have lost the plot.

I have only had one encounter with the gray alien form. Since my encounter and the hand of God smashing them all into the abyss, I have not had a single sleep paralysis episode, abduction experience, nope nothing. I'm far happier that way, my sleep pattern still sucks, but I like the thought that God himself is watching over me - and no, its not wishful thinking - I experienced this first hand.

If you are an abductee who is struggling with this stuff, the answer to all your problems is in Jesus Christ, you have nothing to lose, pray, ask him to take this away - and he is faithful to do so. Then you will see for yourself the truth of God, that he is real.

Aliens are really demons
Ghosts are really demons

Demons MUST submit to the name of Jesus, there is nothing they can do to him, and he can do everything to them.

I really felt for a lady named Chantelle, she featured on the show, living in utter terror, watching her kids get abducted. She was handed a crystal by a researcher, wired up to some batteries, she knew it wouldn't stop the abductions, and it didn't. If only that crystal had been a link to She is reconciled to the notion that these are unstoppable events, and says she would miss them if they stopped. Stockholm syndrome perhaps?

These encounters can be stopped! These demons will yield to the name of Jesus, they yield to FAITH in Jesus, they yield wholly to Jesus. King of KINGS, Lord of LORDS.

God bless you all.


Unknown said…
Thanks a lot my brother. Glory to the name of Jesus. Amen

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