Bill Cooper was not a drunk!

I looked at my emails today, to see a comment from a new YouTube subscriber of mine. It was on a video I hadn't seen in 2 years. About a hero of mine, one whom I would trust with my life if he were still alive.

As the title suggests, I've written about him before. His name, is William Cooper. Alex Jones - bless his heart - thinks him to be insane, and sadly; has said some things about him that are thoroughly untrue.

Others have said the same thing, and you have to wonder why, they all say that Bill was a wild drunk, who used to curse and swear and ring people up in the early hours and swear at them. Now, perhaps this is true, it could be true about anyone really, but lets just think logically, and I will give you folks the tools to check this for yourself:

Hour of the Time Complete collection

Take a look at this link, it lists 1926 broadcasts done by Bill, since 1993 to 2001. Now lets calculate this, thats 1926 broadcasts in 8 years so

1926/8 = 240 broadcasts a year. Okay. So that means that for at least 4 months of the year Bill was on "Holiday" or doing talks. Not to mention reruns. So most definitely its possible that Bill spent that time drinking quite heavily.

Perhaps he drank to take away the fear of being killed by the elites?
Perhaps he felt his life was worthless?

Well no, You see, those 4 other months were spent A. With his family B. Researching for shows C. Doing talks around the country.

In fact, some of Bills shows contained his speeches, and speeches of others who attended conferences with him.

Even the day of his show, theres little time for him to get drunk - think like this, You're going on the radio at 10pm, you're going to be reading pretty hefty material, you have to research, collate and then script the show 5 days a week! Where is the time? You also then work on making videos for distribution, preparing tours to places like Area51. Where is the time for Bill to be a drunk? How could a drunk be "The most dangerous talk show host in America"? Is Rush Limbaugh and alcoholic? is Alex Jones?

Bill did curse on air, and I don't doubt he drank alcohol, and frankly - I could see him ringing people up and swearing at them, but as a soap, a drunk, a washout - I think not. Up to the day he died Bill did the Hour of the Time, and I could only hope that had he lived he would have retired by now to be with his family, which he richly deserved to do. To quote Paul -He ran the race, and he won, its possible that he staved off some insane things that our "rulers" had in store for us.

Alex Jones called him a "pathetic drunk", and claimed that he 'cussed' on air. He mocked "Behold a Pale Horse", a book which is right in front of me on my bookstand, because the book claims that (Bill read) there are plants on the moon. Most of Behold a Pale Horse is documents, collated and compiled by 'dead drunk' Bill, documents he saw whilst in naval intelligence, or passed to him by his various sources. If anything, Alex should be promoting this book. Its a book that Bill edited on his show, if he found something he found to be inaccurate or false, he would have his listeners/readers amend it!

Oh I forget, Bill also printed his own newspaper "Veritas", and ran - oh yeah - the largest civilian intelligence network IN THE WORLD, and probably of all time.

Again, where is the time that Bill had to sit there drinking?

Perhaps one should have a listen to Mystery Babylon #17, the bibliography. Pray tell, how would a drunk spend the time reading all of these books? putting together a show, being sober by 10pm to do the show, write news stories, see to his family, you see - what is being insinuated here - theres no evidence in his fruits. A simple logical proposition

If someone is a drunk ----> they are (incoherent/unable to function/weak willed/depressed------> but Bill was coherent, did ALOT of work, was strong willed, and quite sure of himself ------> therefore Bill was not a drunk.

I say this as someone who sees drunks on a daily basis, I've even followed their decline over the years sad as it is. I've also listened to hundreds of Bills HOTT shows, watched numerous lectures, read his book, studied what he has to say. I can safely say that if he was an alcoholic he covered it up REALLY well. I thoroughly doubt that he would be able to cover it up from his listeners, but he obviously did. How on Earth was he incapable of keeping it a secret from Alex Jones? That in one interview he discovered Alex to be a foul mouthed drunk :

Here Bill answers this claim.

If Bill is incoherent as a drunk would be, listen to his shows - the 1926 hours of audio recording we have, and surely his alcoholism would be evident. However, seeing as all 1926 hours that we have indicate a thoughtful, rational, logical human being with a great love for freedom, liberty, and the well being of his fellow man - we can only conclude that the insinuation of his competition is incorrect. If anyone finds evidence better than this, then perhaps we could conclude otherwise. But without a framework, without a context no judgments can really be made.

It seems that everyone that Bill spoke out against, felt comfortable enough, after a decade, to rewrite history. To make the pioneer of the truth movement into a joke, and usurp his position. Alex Jones is now the "father of the truth movement", and to many the be all and end all. I have no more hostility for Alex, I even subscribe to his and enjoy many of his interviews. But he will never be Bill Cooper, he will never be that sophisticated, He takes every cue from the master. He now prints infowars magazine (veritas), [I believe] he funds We are Change (CAJI). If Bill was alive today theres no doubt that he would have all his shows archived (as his proteges have done today). I still firmly believe that he was killed because he was too stable, he was focused and intelligent enough to perhaps have been a leader of the militias, even have been an instigator of civil war had it been necessary. He was a real threat because people listened to him, and because he studied, and studied, and studied. Alex Jones is a press-release man, when he says "we have the documents", he is simply regurgitating something that Bill COULD say. I have yet to see Alex Jones with an official document that didn't have (AP, Reuters) on it. Alex will never produce a 'Behold a Pale Horse', because he doesn't have 'the documents' - Bill did.

Even if Bill was a drunk, even if that phone call did contained a foul mouthed rant. Look who it was to, it was his fellow hosts who need to be a bit better than we, we can't afford "f***in idiots" leading the truth movements. If someone claims to have the truth they have to hold that truth in high esteem.

Perhaps he did get drunk and ring people up and have a go at them. But if they are misleading the be it.

Frankly I don't think he was a drunk, I don't think the voice recording is of him, I think its fake, it doesn't sound real to me. But I can tell you this, no drunk could done what Bill did, no chance.


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