Bible: Where am I today?

Wow, two posts in one day!

I just wanted to update folks on the bible situation. Recently I purchased a New Cambridge Paragraph Bible. I have to say, reading the KJV in paragraph single column format has pretty much converted me. Theres nothing like reading this translation, easily affordable in hardcover at about £20 from Amazon UK.
[due to laziness, I have borrowed images from around the net]


Its a very easy read, basically when you are reading the text in modern font with modern formatting, its quite easy to make the conversion of thee and thou to 'you'.

The hardcover opens completely flat, no worries about pages hanging in the air, you can open this up from Genesis to Revelation and this will do exactly as it's told.

So why the sudden move to the KJV from the more modern bibles?

I suppose the truth of the matter is that for years I've flirted with it, even telling myself that it's the worst bible translation ever. But truly..verily..its unbeatable, I think the only translation better than it is Tyndale's himself, and thats because he wrote for the commoner. But the paragraphing of this bible - as you can see, really increases readability, and it's all in modern font. Plus the editor David Norton has gone that extra step, and grammar has been made uniform throughout to avoid confusion, so in places you will see thy instead of thine etc. Another BIG plus is that the KJV is the product of Tyndale's original work, so apart from a few unfortunate places (charity instead of love) this is mostly Tyndale's NT.

If Dr Norton would do me a favour, could he perhaps do what he's done here with the Matthew Bible of 1538 (which is pure Tyndale)? If he did, I would be a very happy man. But until then this will be my number one bible. For life now.

My next step is to save 60 quid and get this in black calfskin!

God bless folks


Photoss said…
Just fyi, the Matthews Bible is made up of:

- New Testament
- Old Testament up through first half of 2nd Chronicles

Myles Coverdale's
- Old Testament from Ezra through the Apocrypha

John Rodger's
- Second half of 2nd Chronicles, and the Prayer of Manessah.
Hey sorry I didn't clarify that well enough, I just meant that where it was Tyndale's work, it was
pure Tyndale unedited. Thanks for the clarification. I also didn't know that Rodgers actually
translated some stuff himself. You learn something new everyday!

Also sorry for taking so long to reply!

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