The gospel in 20 seconds

I saw somewhere a 1 minute sermon on facebook. It was some woman basically rapping.


Well it was gospel-less, sounded good but had no meat. Focused on worldly things. Well, as part of my reply - I decided to give the gospel (as all should). The gospel is simple, it is "good news", the good news is not worldly good news, so it doesn't speak to the unbeliever, only those whom God has chosen. For some people (including myself) its almost confusing, its a description, Its describing a series of events that occurred 2000 years ago, based upon prophecies of the God of an obscure middle eastern civilization. Why should it matter to us today? Yet it does! It stands the test of time.

The gospel brings peace, the gospel drives rich men to give away their wealth and become missionaries, it drives twenty year olds to make youtube channels and devote their times to theology and gospel preaching. It makes men stand before others and condemn their sin, risking injury and even worse for the sake of righteousness.

So why does the gospel affect people today? Divine providence. Even though it comes from the first century AD, it speaks to people at an innate level. People know they are missing something, but even more God makes them know they are missing something. But its beyond comprehension. I remember the times when I would sit there and contemplate and wonder about the universe and I felt empty. Because I felt alone, so alone. The gospel filled that. The gospel is the first step towards an eternal relationship, one that we may die for one day. One that many have before. Its pure love. That whilst we were sinners Christ died for us.

here below is the 20 second gospel:

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and reconciliation can only be found through Jesus Christ, Who lived as a man and never sinned, in his death he took our sins upon himself and suffered the very wrath of God, that we may be forgiven for all our sins: past, present and future, and he imputed (transferred) his righteousness to us. By his resurrection he proved himself to be the son of God, and showed that the promise of the coming resurrection is true - that we will indeed spend eternity living on a new heaven and a new earth! To receive this promise all we must do is believe on him - The Lord Jesus Christ! and believe his gospel.


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