The Bible Series, First Thought (conclusion)

I would have loved this to be the best bible series ever. Its something that I only recently discovered and as someone who is REALLY interested in biblical studies, theology, and faith in general, I really had high hopes for it. A 10 hour bible, with everything in it, is what I thought it would be.

I knew that there would dramatic licence in there, because some things in the bible are quite difficult to bring across for people to understand. Sadly this has gone for the easy option. Joel Osteen, charismatics, purpose-driven, seeker friendly nonsense - thats what this is. Its so bad that even the NY Times has slammed it describing it as the "greatly abridged version". I agree. Its so badly edited and written that great biblical heroes just seem like manipulators of people. Moses provides no proof to the Israelites, Abraham attempts to sacrifice his son on a whim, everyone seems to think these once great Biblical heroes are insane.

This will do nothing for the Christian cause, it will make us a mockery.

Everything seems over the top, Moses says things that don't fit his character. Instead of saying "do what is right" he says "trust in God". Abraham is a simpering psychotic, Jacob and Joseph don't exist in this universe. There's no wrestling with God, in fact he barely even has a voice in this miniseries. Will the prophets be mentioned? Or will they be pushed over very quickly?

The bible has lost its way already, 90 minutes in. There is no precedent for this sort of thing. But I fear that many people will watch this and think it accurate.

This IS going to be the start of the great apostasy. Its the precedent set for biblical inaccuracy. I bid that you watch it, and THINK, compare it to what you know. Make no concessions, if it is wrong it is wrong. This is the word of God when its handled without reverence. This is what the top 'Christian' leaders in America think of YOUR BIBLE.


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