"From my cold dead hands", Carrey mocks freedom.

I don't know if you've seen the Jim Carrey "funny or die" spoof of Heston.

If you have I suggest a viewing of the Heston speech where he says it. If not watch today's (3/26/2013) episode of Alex Jones.

Anyway, from seeing the Carrey spoof, I can see a failing scheme to take the guns, this sort of thing WILL happen, kids will get shot, planes will fly into buildings - because they ain't got the guns yet. Of course when all else fails, they wheel a has-been comedian out to laugh the freedom lovers into derision.

It angers me, because I am British, and I care more about American freedom than most Americans - why should it be like this? Why are people so ignorant?! I know that if America falls Britain has had it. I know that Brits hate freedom, its in irrelevancy to us, we take tax upon tax, hyped up gas and electric prices, the corporatocracy has won here and we are now lap-dogs of the elites. But if America wins, maybe, just maybe we will rise up and RESIST and defeat these people, and institute the US constitution here - honestly, thats my dream for Britain, that it resemble the America of 1776.

But people don't want responsibility, they don't want self sufficiency. The government is a "convenient safety net" for the masses of sheeple who hate thought, who had decisions, and who want nothing more than to sit down in front of the TV with their kids to watch Coronation Street, ah bliss.

How does this relate to Jim Carrey. Well, he provides an easy escape for those Americans who hate thinking too much, ah yes Heston had a small penis, ah yes Heston was a red neck psychopath. "Well, there we go then, guns are for small-d*cked rednecks, we don't need them in our safe utopia. Thats what the cops are for right?", how evil of him to say "my cold dead hands", what a cold heart he must have had, he must of loved killing.

Thats how neutered our society is. It enrages me, and I'm glad it does, because I know, I have the truth. I can tell you this, Carrey said that Heston will not be in heaven because he loved guns and freedom (he obviously ignored the freedom part, but both go hand in hand). But I say this, Carrey will in fact be the one not going to heaven - because he hates freedom, and he just berated a christian, and mocked and belitted his character.

Of course, as Alex Jones has said on his show (yeah,I like Alex again now) They are scum - why are we letting them rule us?

Folks, you need to avoid this stuff, forget consensus and find truth! If you're going to start anywhere, start with the Bible, the simple, simple verse that shows the ignorance of the people - people who need to be awake:

"When people are saying, "Everything is peaceful and secure," then disaster will fall on them as suddenly as a pregnant woman's labor pains begin. And there will be no escape." 1 Thess 5:3

Wake up folks, having a gun gives you a freedom that those without don't have. The freedom is that suddenly YOU are the government. You are a threat to the government (not national security), and you need to be, every person needs to be. You need to distrust the government - they don't know best, they only care about themselves, what they can get. Read silent weapons for quiet wars, read it!

"It was agreed [by the elites] that a nation or world of people who do not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and CONSENT" - Behold a Pale Horse p 39.

The events we see are part of a war waged not only on the Americans, but on the whole world. We are nothing more than human batteries, who will be thrown away one day. Imagine the world as a laptop computer. We are the batteries, and the elites are the users, the screen is society, the elites use the keyboard and the cpu to control things, and the energy that we provide is tapped. One day that battery will be cast away, and a new one put in place. That new battery is being developed, and that battery is the New World Order, with human 2.0, much less of us, but souped up big time.

That was an on the spot analogy. the implication is this - we are being used, and manipulated. Law and Order is saying christians are psychopathic cultists who want a war against the government. Jim Carrey is saying that gun owners are child killers. Michael Moore says the people don't need guns, get a dog instead. Obama wants a ban of assault rifles (the biggest threat to a military incursion within the US would be assault rifles). Theres no actual logic here - an assault rifle wasn't used at Sandy Hook - it was found in the car outside - it wouldn't change anything, and the biggest killer in the US is ILLEGAL weapons, not the licensed ones currently owned by six-pack Joe.

Watch the speech..


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