Jimmy Saville: A disgusting distraction from the coming war.

ITS not often that I feel disgusted, but over the last few days, hearing about how Saville has rather filthily abused and used hundreds of vulnerable children, I've felt rather uncomfortable and sick.

What is it about grown men and children? Little boys and girls having their innocence stolen to get kicks. Rape, molestation, a kind of primitive animalistic instinct to protect comes forth.

Then we have to ask, where were the mums and dads in these jobs who knew of this stuff, yet did nothing to protect children who could just as easily have been their own? Vile.

This proves something to me, those in power - whether it be media or government- are sick, sick in their heads and sick in their souls. They knew! Everyone knows it, you cannot keep something like this a secret, a man having a flat INSIDE a childrens hospital, volunteering as a porter, sneaking about late at night, dragging sick children back to his room and raping them!

So why has this been released now? Why is Britain up in arms about Saville today?

Because war is coming, and until it suits our governments, it has to be kept from our attentions:

Whether it be Syria, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia - the West will have another enemy to fear (yes fear), no one is really scared of Terrorists anymore. We need a powerful nation that could conquer us, otherwise why fear? No one was scared of Iraq or Afghanistan, just terrorists, but that fear has run its course - it would only take another attack to terrify us again, but its not the same as a full on war, lots of death and carnage. It takes stories like Saville, and others I won't mention, to give us truth, but also a big distraction to keep us occupied from the manipulation and deviousness of our "betters".

This is why things cost so much, time was an Earl, or a Lord would be ordered by the King or Queen to increase taxes (thank you World without End) as a "war is coming", well thats what is happened, its being blamed on a recession, but I theorize that this money is being stock-piled in order to buy weapons, pay soldiers, and to buy food. It seems that out of times of economic downturn, a war happens. Just in recent history we had the Falklands after the big boom and bust. Now usually we say that the war is a distraction, but what if the boom and bust was the distraction to pay for the war.

War not only scares us but it excites us, and its perfect for distracting us from our freedoms being restricted, in fact it often helps to make us more willing.

I believe that this war will be a big one. Not only do we have Pakistan under attack today by a US drone, we have Turkey grounding a Syria passenger plane - much to Russia's chagrin. The US is claiming that the issue in Syria is making the region unstable [which inevitably means "leading to war" not an earthquake] We also have various clashes between Syria and Turkey throughout the year.

Yet none of this is really being reported, instead we have Saville and other very distressing news - I'm not criticizing the real impact these events have in peoples live, but the issue is that important VERY important events are happening which the John Doe on the street has no idea about, BBC News should be leading with Syria and potential WW3, not Jimmy Saville. It is disgusting what this man has done, but It should not be the first story we hear. If the Middle East erupts into war - the world will erupt into war! Whether planned by the elites or purely accidental is irrelevant, lives will be lost.


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