CCM, Me Me Me [2]

LESS coverage of word counts this time. I simply want to give a few words of advice when it comes to Christian music. Listen to both, a good idea would be to get a mission praise [latest edition] it features older hymns, and newer CCM [up to about 2006/2007 I think], compare for yourself the difference. Hymns tend to be big on theology, there are hymns that cover everything from the crucifixion, the trinity, creation, faith to the resurrection. Theres hundreds of years of hymns that literally cover everything you can think of.

CCM is more devotional than theolological. Chuck Missler calls it 7-11 music. He is right, it IS. Its a modern version of devotional hymn music thats meant to make money. Whether it be the artist or the corporation behind them, there is something dodgy about that. But you are under no obligation to buy their music, listening is free, and you are free to perform their songs in church - after all - who is going to stop you from playing a guitar or a piano and singing?

So whatever the intention behind music, whatever the lyrics say [whether it is me me me, or you you you] whats the intention behind YOU? If you are singing "I am redeemed", or "How great thou art", do you mean it? Are you sure you are redeemed, is God really great to you?

I think that that is what matters. There are pastors who preach that CCM is Satanic, that drums are evil, that music is meant to be beautiful because God is beautiful and anything less is evil. But as someone who has attended churches where the singing is anything but beautiful, yet is traditional - compare it to Aaron Shust or Matt Redman and I truly think that beauty is in the ear of the listener.

Anyway this is only a short one - felt that I hadn't really covered all the bases with my original post.

God bless you reader!


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