A Quick update: Where we go from here.

Well, Just a quick update as I haven't blogged in a while. I've decided that in the future I'm going to write out my blog entries in Word/Libre rather than into the blogger entry window. This will allow me to grammar and spellcheck before I post, and save you from my endless rants.

Yes I've had a new laptop, so no more phone blogging, I can't say how much of a relief this is! There is nothing more irritating than writing on a 2 inch keyboard! I have a few subjects that I want to cover over the next few weeks:

NET Bible First Edition
An overview of Calvinism
The importance of going to a good church
The NWO where it is today
Is the NWO the seat of antichrist, or is it the truth movement?

I can't promise when these will be written, because right now I'm kind of concentrating on learning survival techniques, as well as work and church. Its not that blogging is any less a priority than these, you who read my blog are extremely important, thats why I want to write better, and be able to give you more information than a rant. I want to educate, I want to invigorate! I mean, I look back a couple of years and I was writing some great stuff, and these days, I seem to use the blog to vent my anger.

Anyway, I should be receiving my NET Bible tomorrow, £55 off Ebay, it's in burgundy bonded leather (shame, although apparently its high quality stuff) and its as thick as the ESV study bible. So I'll spend a few days with it, and then I'll write a top notch review for you. I want to cover the leather, layout, and the footnotes, Then I have every intention of lauding the translation itself, its a very good translation! I do need to spend more time with it though.

Now, For my next trick, Turn the page for Jimmy Saville:


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