A little observation about CCM: Me, Me, Me [1]

Has anyone in Christendom noticed something odd about CCM (Contemporary Christian Music)? There are two words that feature more than any other; Me and I.

Lets look at the top 10 as of this date (30/8/2012)

1. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
2. Me Without You by tobyMac
3. Losing by Tenth Avenue North
4. Forgiveness by Matthew West
5. Center Of It by Chris August

6. The Hurt & The Healer by MercyMe
7. Live Like That by Sidewalk Prophets
8. The Proof Of Your Love by For King & Country
9. Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave
10. Jesus, Friend Of Sinners by Casting Crowns
(courtesy of: http://www.20thecountdownmagazine.com/)

I'm going to give number 1 [10,000 reasons] a miss because it is a WORSHIP song, its purely dedicated to how much someone will bless the Lord. So we start with 2.

2. 30 uses of "I" [including "I'd"] 15 uses of "me", 30 uses of "You". So, we have 45 Self-centred references and as opposed to 30 references to You - being God. Lets see if there is any pointed references to God [Nope], Lord? [Nope], Jesus? [Nope]. Who is "you" then?

3. More of a conversation this song is. Basically, I see a man ordering God to forgive people, I don't like this song much, its singable, but odd to me. It just doesnt sit right.

I - 12
you- 7
God [Father] - 8

20 self centred references to 15 God centred references.

4. You/your [reference to man] 8
    You/your [God] 2
     me - 9

17 references to man, 2 to God.

I suggest you check the lyrics of these songs, they are so selfish. compare it to a hymn from the 19th century, or even the 50s..and the difference is stark:

Abide in me

me - 12
Lord - 5
thee - 1
thou 7
thy - 7
my - 3

15 references to man
20 to God.

It may not seem an apparent difference, but, in the songs I have analysed already, its man over God always.

More tomorrow, I have to work now.



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