Colorado Shooting: A tragedy with an aim.

Bill Cooper said in 2001 "They must do something terrible, because they haven't succeeded in getting the guns out of the hands of the American people".

My heart and prayer goes out to those poor people and their families. But I must question how a medical student who describes himself as "easy-going" suddenly goes on a rampage and kills a dozen or more people and maims 50. Its really quite odd, tragic indeed. But the question now shouldn't be "what drastic measure do we take to protect our children from nasty boogeymen", but: "who or what caused this person to a. Drop out of university, b. Kill more than a dozen people c. Get caught so easily on the car park"

Also How did he learn to use explosives so well? Why this film?

Questions need to be asked, who does this benefit? Immediately I think, those who would dominate us. It brings to mind Dunblane and Columbine, when Dunblane occurred in the UK, it led to the mass destruction of weapons and an immediate ban, Britain has never had the kind of revolution that led to the republic, the legacy of which is the right to bear arms so that no power could ever dominate the American people (unless its done by stealth to a weak minded population). Guns are of course part of American culture, and it would take a lot for them to relinquish their guns..that is a lot of massacres.

What are the immediate media responses? Metal detectors and gun bans. That's no joke, I have heard this on the news. If this massacre doesn't cause some sort of response from government (it likely will, using this coincidental "tragedy" as an excuse) then there will be more shootings until people A. Figure out who is causing it B. Beg the government to amend the constitution banning guns nationwide.

My belief is, intelligence agencies approached Holmes, they had assessed the best area to attack, and needed someone pliable enough. They probably offered to wipe his traffic violation (which may have affected his chance of a job) if he helped them out - after all he is a Neuroscience student. They then instituted various forms of mind control- and then sent him back into the world to live his life normally - until a month ago.

A month ago he went into training, physical and mental, ready to kill, he was set off yesterday.

This is my opinion, I would ask you dear reader to understand that I am not making light of what happened. I am in fact trying to make sense of it. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, its not a coincidence. This has a purpose! This is why many countries in the world are getting the lightest reporting on it, while America is being saturated with reports on the shooting. You must be programmed to respond as your masters wish you to.


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