Proverbs; prophecy in instruction.

I am currently reading through the book of proverbs. Its truly an insightful and deep book, and many proverbs which seem obvious have a much deeper meaning which claw at the heart rather than the mind. Entire commentaries could be written about one verse. (All quotes from the new English bible).

For instance;

Pride comes before disaster,
and arrogance before a fall. 16:18

Its a famous proverb, but it could easily be extrapolated and put into modern context. I feel that this refers to the end of the age, the downfall of our civilization, using history as a guide. Look at Rome, Greece and today. Societies wantonly sinful, and proud of it! Quickly headed for destruction.

They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves. Romans 1:22

Another proverb from chapter 28;

When the just are in power there are great celebrations (pageantry),
But when the wicked come to the top, others are downtrodden. 28:12

I'm not claiming that Proverbs is a Nostradamus-type text. I am just looking at it as it is. Wisdom reflects reality, either showing it to be just or unjust. A text thousands of years old shows a simple truth that our leaders ignore. If the people are downtrodden then those in power must be wicked! This includes the Queen. One proverb explains more than a 500 page new age promoting book by Icke.

Proverbs does prophecy, but not through specifics. More by example.

So we should listen when God says:

[B]ecause you have spurned all my advice and would have nothing to do with my reproof,
I in my turn will laugh at your doom and deride you when terror comes upon you,
When your doom comes upon you like a hurricane and your doom descends like a whirlwind. Proverbs 1:25-27a let's assume that such a quote referred to ancient Israel. We know disaster came upon them. But let's also assume it has the quality referring to God's justice. We know that every time the world has descended into sin, God has reacted by punishing us. We know that Jesus took the punishment of sin for believers. Non believers will again face the justice of Israel and other civilizations that worshipped other Gods and descended into sin. Thus, not only does this refer to fallen Israel, but the world in general.
Following 27a we hear:

Insolent men (people) delight in their insolence;
Stupid men (people) hate knowledge 27b

Its ignorance of knowledge that results in sin. But what makes sin so angering to God is INSOLENCE! Reflects our society pretty well doesn't it. Any evangelist will tell you just how godless our western society is, but the East is just as bad. Let me define insolence for you so we can advance further:

insolence [in-suh-luh ns]


1. contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech. 2. the quality or condition of being insolent.

Right there...contempt! We've heard it mentioned on numerous police dramas "contempt of court". Contempt is basically "disrespect".

Proverbs predicts that people will hold God in contempt, and thus will be punished for it. They will be so disrespectful towards Him that he laughs at them when they perish. This is a special kind of sin. A sin so great in its evil that God cannot withhold his own contempt at these people. Quite possibly the generation alive today, or to come shortly.

If you are a Christian, here's a test for you, find a sinner, and tell them that they are a sinner. Be serious, don't try to make it a joke, caringly warn them.

Then see their reaction. You could do this to 100 people and every reaction would be the same or similar.

Contempt! "Who are you to call ME a sinner?!"

A man who is still stubborn after much reproof, will suddenly be broken past mending. 29:1

Such is the way of the world. Many are broken past mending, the mending today would be salvation through Jesus and his death on the cross. But fear not, they won't spend eternity in "hell" suffering all manner of torments. They will be denied entrance to the new earth and will perish in the lake of fire. It will be awful, but the punishment is quantitive (eternal death) rather than qualitative (eternal dying).

The New World Order system has worked hard to deny the complex wisdom written in the Bible. Its a fairy tale apparently. Yet it has cleverly placed dupes and agents into the truth movement to push those seeking the truth towards a false Theosophical religion. Jesus said "As things were in Noah's days, so will they be when the Son of Man comes" (Mat 24:37) Jesus is declaring a full circle of events that will lead right back to Noah's day. Insipid wickedness, contempt for God and all manner of sins being committed. Along with the only punishment suitable for such crimes. You will find in almost every book of the bible such announcements. God has to return some time. Every generation must treat itself as the last. Interestingly it also seems that in every generation the level of sin committed seems to rise. Sure, you get vast evil in every century, but normally its isolated. Here we have in this century, every human being revelling in sin, even defending those who do so:

Shame on you! You who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who make bitter sweet and sweet bitter. Shame on you! You who are wise in your own eyes and prudent in your own esteem. Isaiah 5:20-21

We will all be judged, through Christ we will appear as clean as Christ. The rest will burn. Proverbs is the book to read after the gospel, its the proof-text of our own salvation, follow the wisdom, live it, practice it in daily life. It won't save you, but it may let you be a beacon to others, those who still have a chance, those who's ears still hear and eyes still see.

And please, turn off that TV.


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