I am still a conspiracy nut!

I have realised that I am no longer covering subliminals, conspiracies or any sort of "off the wall" crazy stuff.

For this I must apologise, I haven't really been looking that deeply into anything for a while, but I intend to soon. There will possibly be a few more bible/faith related posts before I get to it, perhaps a translation review. But there is lots going on right now, such as the Olympic torch orgy and the Jubilee nonsense that is really grinding my gears. My chin dropped today when someone admitted to being a royalist because having a Queen is better than a president - his logic being that the US has a corrupt government. If anything, the ability to vote out that president every four years makes his argument moot (I know that that's how they keep implementing the same policies either way, but I'm sure he wasn't aware of the NWO, I am answering from his level of knowledge not ours).

I don't know if I want to cover symbolism or movies anymore. Whilst it is really interesting its not exactly scientific, and I don't watch them many films. Whilst films such as John Carter and Iron Sky are definitely filled with the stuff, it also seems a bit silly to analyse films I have watched on a phone and have little facility to go back and check this stuff since my laptop packed up. Maybe once I have it fixed I can start again. My priorities really do seem to have changed since the "from virgin to whore" days. I still view that as the pinnacle of my blogging career, Knowing how famous and well respected the Celtic Rebel is (even by me at the time) I felt a great deal of pride from his exposure. But I don't listen to him anymore, because his derision of Christianity just isn't for me, I also fail to reconcile the obsession with sodomy as a means of global control. If he had a Christian perspective he would be able to piece it together (Make the world an abomination to God as Sodom was). I will however say that his own subliminal analysis is second to none. Listen to his shows and see what you think. I don't think he is evil, I don't think he has a plan to drive people from Christianity or anything. He's just a guy like me, and I like him, and I thank him, without him I wouldn't have nearly 8000 page views.

So, I intend to make this blog a mix of conspiracies and faith discussion. I have a lot to discuss. Nephilim for starters. I have given up on my Wycliffe bible update because its already been done. But I really would like to make a "new" bible with accurate changes such as Angel instead of serpent in Genesis 3:1. It makes sense, the root is "shining one". This is yet another hobby idea.

But yes. I am going to start writing my blog posts and edit them on paper before typing. I'm hoping this will help me to avoid ranting. Which I have a real tendency to do! (See above for evidence).


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