An eye to the past.

I've been looking at old posts, from before my conversion. I have to say that I am impressed. I really did predict Cameron as PM. I mentioned Cameron would be a Churchill/Thatcher war primeminister - this is yet to come but seems to be heading ever closer (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Argentina). Whether its about converting nations to the NWO agenda or about oil..its coming.

Anyway another thing that intrigued me was how religiously weak I really was. I wrote a post on revelation (Its the end of the world) where I claimed that all Christian denominations were causing the apocalyptic events of revelation to come to pass. Now obviously I know this to be nonsense, its actually the Luciferians causing this, through Zionism and Kabbalah and every organization they can get their claws into. But it just interests me to see how far I have come.

Its becoming apparent that I have let a lot slip when it comes to this blog. I most definitely need more conspiracy-esque posts. I know a lot (humbly) and need to get it out there. The reason I have almost zero photos these days is due to my typing my posts on a cell/mobile phone. I hope this doesn't bother you. I'm lazy!

So how far have I come since 2010? What more is there? I hardly watch TV, When I do all I see is "the message" they want to bring across. Usually it will be multi-layered. For instance, a show like law and order has a consistent theme - the police are always morally right. Then there is the episodic sub-text based upon whatever the weeks theme is. Say its rape, then it would be, all men are bad (distrust the masculine). Then there is the promotional sub-text, this is an occasional addition that will promote surveillance, aggressive police behaviour and ID cards. There is even a resident conspiracy theorist called Munch (the voice of the people) who is a sounding board for all our fears and is often explained away by the A-list characters (usually with emotionalism, the old "what if you were?" arguments).

That's only one show of course. But it seems apparent that no matter what police show it is, flashpoint, 24, NCIS, all seem to promote an agenda of police violence, surveillance society, fear, and oppression. One show I find not on this list is the mentalist. Sure its not perfect and some of it has caused my eyebrows to raise. But it seems largely free of this propaganda. I like it, despite some of its dubious morality (Such as shooting someone you think is a serial killer then lying about it in court), (or letting someone go who faked their own death, and framed 3 people for the murder; because they were a depressed gay transvestite who got bullied at home and work).

Like I say its not perfect.

I may review some of the few shows I do begrudgingly watch. There isn't a show on TV with perfect christian morality, people would find it boring I expect. I watch some terribly immoral shows, like game of thrones, wow its bad! But I love it. If I were to review it, It would take away the majesty of it, I can't remember any symbolism in it. Although its plainly got some bad stuff in there (prostitution, swearing, occult magic), I take it for what it is..fantasy, it has no real world value. But when fantasy reflects reality, then it altars your perception of the real world as well. You tend to imprint your opinions of the TV cops onto the real world cops for example.

(I'm sure many doctors and nurses in the UK hear "I feel like I'm on casualty" on a daily basis)

Such is the power of TV to influence the minds of the slumbering hoardes of society.


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