Big brother: a societal ensample.

This will be a short post. Every year I watch big brother, not through some sort of naive enjoyment but because it is something to tut at. Seriously, I see it as a shining example of how well this conspiracy to degrade and dumb our youth is working.

This year is no different, the most intelligent house mate is a male prostitute (porn star) who likes to masturbate in both the shower and the bath, channel 5 loves this of course, and makes sure we get to see it.

The moral behaviour of the house mates, in their interactions leaves a lot to desire. There is not one honest house mate, no not one. I have observed duplicity from every single one. Indeed, this is a game show. But often living with the other house mates creates a chilling effect, and it sort of becomes more about the experience rather than the cold duplicity we see from everyone.

I found myself shocked by Luke A. He was once a she. The rather beautiful young Lauren has been a victim of house bickering and is up for eviction. Luke expounded in great anger as to how Arron was not up for eviction and she was.

However 2 minutes previously we saw the self-same Luke tell Arron that he was a good guy who needed to be careful how he acts because he likes him and doesn't want him to leave.

Mild I know. There's things going on I don't want to discuss. Such as the sister show dragging its arse in the gutter. Every house mate is as duplicitous as Luke I'd not more. House mates are actively pursuing romantic relationships in order to stay in, whilst telling all the other house mates how much they dislike the person they are pursuing.

Big brother is now a shallow representation of what it once was. It was never good, but year upon year its shallowness has increased, and its desire to shock and degrade has grown to stupid proportions.

The symbolism of previous years seems to have been dropped. It just isn't that important anymore.

I find myself liking Lauren, she's fit and I'm 25. Looking beyond her looks though, I find I don't care whether she wins or not, I don't care who wins..its pure irrelevance. Its nothing more than a celebration of immorality.


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