Belief in Heaven makes you a bad person.

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Apparently belief in God and Heaven equals higher likelihood of committing crime. Now obviously, I'm not one to question secularized science and the Illuminati controlled media, who perpetuate the idea that man is actually an evolved monkey with a big brain, whilst believing that "if we kill off the useless eaters we can become gods (sourced from pretty much all their texts)".

But I have to question the motives of these scientists who would say such things. What are they trying to say? Are they saying Christianity is bad? Or good, because after all if you believe in Eternal conscious torment you tend to be better behaved..yes Hell = lower crime rates. This seems somewhat contradictory, but okay.

Are not those who believe in heaven also thousands of times more likely to believe in hell? Perhaps this is more of an ego thing. These are not Christians being asked, these are average people with big egos.

Ask most people and they will say "yeah I believe in heaven" - they don't, not in the Christian sense anyway. They are just scared of death, they like to THINK that there may be a heaven. Ask those same people about hell - nooo.

Those who believe in hell ARE Christians! They don't fear hell, have worked through the shock of Eternal torment and accept it as somewhere they will never see. That shows the difference. It isn't hell that stops the crime, its the belief in Jesus and the in-working of the Holy Spirit.

So the apparent fear of eternal damnation, seemingly enough to scare people into good behaviour is not the cause of this difference.

Every Pagan, heretic, Buddhist, Muslim, believes in heaven, they are all too good to die, God, or the universe, will sustain them in glory for giving him/it the pleasure of seeing their wonderful lives.

Its kind of like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself, and instead of just seeing plain ol' you, you see God. How can anyone want to destroy/torment me?! I'm awesome!!

Mental block at any though of uncontrollable negative consequences after death.

But really it speaks to the mental state of the people asked, a kind of cognitive dissonance in the minds of unrepentant sinners..after all, to rape someone yet care so little you still think that God will excuse it and even reward you! It leads one to realise how bad the state of the world is.

I hear the cries of those hell believers screaming "Amen come Jesus..please!!" without a moments hesitation.

This is my first post with notes to help me, I'm not sure of the quality, but I do feel it was much easier to type. I may be getting a net book soon, it'll be much easier to type with and make it much easier to research. I seriously hate touchscreens.


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