Isaiah 62 - Rotherham's Emphasized Bible.

Just having a debate on the Icke forums, quite a good one, although Christian's are second class citizens there, there are some good people who will listen, and even present interesting points, slow to anger and are just plain nice. One thing that saddens me is how many concessions the long term Christians have made. I have been saved just over a year, and my theology has vastly altered in that short time. But I would never allow new age beliefs to creep in, it scares me that any Christians would give ear to the New Age. But it does indeed explain why some Christians are condemned for not loving the truth (the great apostasy). Anyway, I decided in the course of my debate to show God's power to predict the future, not only does it predict the rise of Christianity, but even that there will be a new name for it (from Hebrew to Christian).

See for yourself:

h1. Isaiah 62

*1* For Zion’s sake, will I not hold my peace, And, for Jerusalem’s sake, will I not rest,––Until her righteousness, go forth as brightness, And, her salvation, as a torch that is lighted.

*2* So shall nations see, thy righteousness, And all kings, thy glory; And thou shalt be called by a new name, which, the mouth of Yahweh, will name.

*3* Then shalt thou become––A crown of adorning, in the hand of Yahweh, and, A royal diadem, in the hand of thy God.

*4* Thou shalt be termed no longer–Forsaken, Nor shall, thy land, be termed any longer, A desolation, But, thou, shalt be called, Hephzibah[=" My delight is in her"], And, thy land, Beulah[=" married"], ––For Yahweh hath found delight, in thee, And, thy land, shall be married.

*5* For, a young man, marrieth, a virgin, Thy sons, marry thee! And, the bridegroom, rejoiceth, over, the bride––Thy God, rejoiceth over thee.

*6* Upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, have I appointed watchmen, All the day and all the night through, let them not hold their peace,––O ye that put Yahweh in mind, Do not take rest, to yourselves,

*7* Neither give rest, unto him, Until he establish, and until he set forth Jerusalem, as a praise in the earth!

*8* Sworn, hath Yahweh––By his own right hand, and, By his own strong, arm,––Surely I will give thy corn, no more, as food to thine enemies, Nor shall the sons of the foreigner drink, thy new wine, for which thou hast toiled;

*9* But, they who have garnered it, shall eat it, and praise Yahweh,––And, they who have gathered in its clusters, shall drink it, in my holy, courts.

*10* Pass ye through, pass ye through the gates, Prepare ye the way of the people,––Cast ye up, cast ye up the highway, Clear it of stones, Lift ye high a standard, unto the peoples.

*11* Lo! Yahweh, hath sent a message unto the end of the earth: Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Lo! thy Salvation, is coming,––Lo! his reward, is with him, And, his recompense, before him:

*12* So shall men call them––The holy, people, The redeemed of Yahweh,––And, thou, shalt be called––Sought out, A city, not forsaken.

Its a beautiful chapter, and as such a highly literal translation, its even more beautiful!


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