Gay marriage: Hate crime against christians.

In the UK we now have another debate about gay marriage. Obviously, we have some strawman cardinal preaching against gays using the bible...emphatically saying that God is against homosexuality, therefore the churches should not be forced to marry gays.

Now, I completely agree, but somehow...this could be classed as hate speech? Now either way I dont really care..whether gays get married inside a church building, registry office, stately home. I dont care. What I do care about is the creeping hatred and disregard for Christians and the faith that we hold so dear, so much so that we are expected to bless a sinner FOR the sin that he is committing.

I think this moreso is a step toward the universal church, it just seems like a continued lukewarming of the faith, with state licensed church being forced by government to do something that the scriptures say is abominable.

So lets see, a people who NEVER go to church, have no respect or belief in God, wish to pervert and emulate the institutions that God put in place 6000 years ago? Oh right, and our totalitarian socialist government wants the churches to bless it and call it marriage?


I would suggest that christians stop attending these churches, I think it would be far more profitable to begin house churches with small numbers, sing, pray, worship and forget these dead, dying institution that eats up all our cash. Realize that we are getting to the point where soon the beast will rise, and we dont need a marriage license..we need God.


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