J.B Rotherham's Emphasized Bible on kindle!

Just for those interested in purchasing a very inexpensive and accurate bible version, yesterday [January 9th 2012] A Kindle version of Rotherham's emphasized bible was published to kindle.

You can purchase it here:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

It's very good!

Now I know I said yesterday that this version made me feel uneasy, and that although it was unsurpassed for literalness I was disappointed by its missing (shouldn't be there?) verses. But its is SO literal and readable that this version is too good to ignore, I love it. Its archaic at it's best, so good...*drools*.

That this translation is not in leather, with gold rims, and india paper, makes me angry. For it to be stuck in ESV Study Bible hardcover form, looking like a science textbook seriously grinds my gears, and until the day I can afford to purchase this in physical form, send it straight to a binders and have it made all pretty, I will happily make do with it on Kindle. KJV eat your heart out..You wish you were this good!!


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