The great apostasy.

As mankind steps ever closer to the brink, I think it's becoming ever more relevant for us to assess our doctrine, and be certain of what we believe. Imagine facing God, and he asks you why you believed something not only preposterous, but also offensive to him. What can you say? Sorry? Oops. Now whilst I am certain that an off belief here or there such as that the earth is 10,000 years old when it may be slightly older or slightly younger (really who knows?). There are some things intrinsic to our faith that if wrong could seriously jeopardise our entire faith:

1. Old earth creationism, the belief that the earth is billions of years old. Placing death before Eden, and before Adam. Messes it up from the start and makes Jesus a liar.

2. Eternal torment,  bad translation, hellenistic philosophy. catholic social control and fire and brimstone preaching, turn the gospel around, make God appear unjust, and make Christians into sycophants. And please! Preachers stop saying Jesus talked more about hell than anyone else you liars! GEHENNA is not Hell.

3. Pre-trib rapture, let's all run away before it gets hard. This deserves a post of it's own. But I would simply suggest you read revelation 6 AND 7 if you want to see what happens to us in the tribulation. We do not escape.

4. Many people believe that when we die, we leave our bodies and go to heaven or hell. This is a minor point. But it places the incorruptible inside the corruptible. The only spirit we have is given to us by God. It is life itself. When God takes it away, we die. Literal death. It is not conscious or aware, and cannot be communicated with. However this belief opens the door for new age doctrine, and should be addressed before the emerging one world church can exploit it like the spiritualists do.

5. Finally, the belief that modern versions of the Bible are evil. This is a truly dangerous belief. As close as we are to the tribulation, this needs to be kicked to the curb. Bibles are going to be in short supply  and we will need them, if only for small comfort from the word. Imagine being a king James onlyist and finding an NLT, or a Good News Bible. There's a good chance they will see it as the enemy and ignore it. The problem is that at a time when a man needs spiritual good he will discard it. More than ever we need leaders, who are communing with God and not with mans doctrines, unsupported by the original manuscripts. On this count I thank God for the World English Bible.

This is just a small selection of un scriptural doctrine pervading the church today, there are many more, but this post would be far too long. Thank you for reading and I hope this post makes you research what I have said.


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