Planet Dinosaur Files: Incoctrination of children into the science of assumptions.

Believe it or not, Dinosaurs didn't live hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, there wasn't vast numbers of species of them, just a few dozen. How do I know this?

Theres many species of dinosaur that had counterparts on different continents, These were in fact the same "kind" of animal, Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus for example but were given different names.

Remember " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. " Whether or not you believe this or not, its most definitely the best answer for how life began. The idea of nothingness on its own becoming a universe, then dead inert matter becoming life is quite frankly absurd. Atheism tries to make the christianity look stupid bu adding the word "science" and "evidence" to their stupid theories, but sadly - as Kent Hovind - realised our children are being indoctrinated into these atheistic cults. One way of doing it is in the classroom, but another is via TV, in fact I would say the TV IS the main way of doing it. After all not all kids listen in class, but all kids love watching TV, and when theyre watching it they are transfixed and ALL their attention is on it.

The world is between 10,000 and 6000 years old, I dont see how any "christian" could believe any different. I think that upon hearing "millions of years ago" we should all balk and laugh, do not let your kids believe this rubbish. Palaeontology is NOT a science, it does not follow the scientific method..its all assumption without evidence, go to my Kent Hovind blog post for hours and hours of seminars on the science, the Geological record is BS, as is dating methods. you could also visit AnswersinGenesis for more.

Children need to understand that their mind is their most important earthly asset. If they cannot think properly they wont conclude properly, They need to learn to trust their bible and their God, because time is running out. Right now, via television children are being mindcontrolled. Its sickening.


Superb! Genius spoof. A masterful parody. Well done.
Oh, hang on a minute. You really do believe this stuff? Oops. Have you read On the Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis by Alan Turing? Go on, have a go:,d.d2k
Robert, listen to Alex Jones, listen to Bill Cooper, its all about making people think they're nothing more than apes. Its about destroying the sanctity of life, 90% of the global population is to be wiped out. Take God out of the picture and this will be far easier. There a reason the founding fathers said "all men are created equal", and that people have "inalienable rights".

Science is occupied by the Luciferian cults, I would suggest watching endgame - blueprint for global enslavement. And the Lansing Michigan lecture by Bill Cooper.

God bless/

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