Do Bible Versions matter: Really?

A very concerning event has occurred today. I noticed a suprious video on youtube, claiming that the NKJV is evil and nowhere near as good as the KJV. Now I am aware that theres something of a KJV fanboism all over the world, who think that a book thats 400 years old this year is somehow the "definitive" version and translation of texts that are 5 times older than it. Apparently an occult King who wanted to dominate faith via the Church of England and create his own priest class here in the UK 400 years ago is more capable of translating a book than actual christians in 1985.

Again and again we get people claiming that every translation except the KJV is evil, occult, dangerous. I own a NKJV - its my main bible and its a beautiful read. you get 11 pages explaining how the translation was done. and on EVERY page of the bible, explanations are given and other possible choices are given for a specific word. Theres no great conspiracy here.

So here I am refuting every single point made in this video:

Which is just over the top and quite damaging to the publishers and makers of this great translation, and I - actually being civil as well, hitting the points and not the character of the Poster - get all my posts deleted! and a nice message from the video poster which says "You are wrong -and goodbye", as if I have done something wrong...Obviously vudumojo has had a hard day/

Anyway, I had to laugh at the implication that the symbol of the holy trinity contains three sixes and is demonic. Now I have heard of hidden in plain sight, but this is ridiculous. a simple google image search for holy trinity will bring up the same symbol. I searched for pagan trinity and recieved one image that was the same as the holy trinity.

One of the fascinating things about demonic paganism is that it will take any symbols it pleases and use them as their own. Paganism will take God's of any civilization, Zeus, Ra, Baal - it doesnt matter. So taking an old symbol of the Holy Trinity is not beneath it.

My refutations were based on verses, which i easily dealt with using bibleworks and translation notes. Don't get me wrong I like the KJV! Its a great translation, but using one bible TRANSLATION as a basis for all others is ridiculous, its imputing perfection to the first translation - which was done 400 years ago! If you want the translation to be perfect and literal use Youngs Literal translation, why mess around with the KJV?

I have no idea who the man is at the end, and frankly I don't care. From what I heard he seems to think that what bible you read matters, that God does not have a way of shining through the word. Gods word is perfect and Holy, nothing man could do could impact that. Whether its in the NKJV, Geneva, KJV, NASB, ESV, RSV even NIV, God will shine through. Theres a reason we get the Holy Spirit!! If you question the bible version you are questioning the Spirit as to whether its able to do its job!!

So just relax and read.


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