A Change of Perception: The unawakening.

Its been over a month. But I have still been hard at work. My opinions on the truth movement, on the new age etc have changed drastically. I have now come to the conclusion that both of these are false movements, and that the truth is not in any man made or channelled information. But in Jesus.

Yes, I have seen Zeitgeist, yes I have listene to Icke, Tsarion et al. But I believe the demolition of Christianity in the eyes of the world lends great credence to Revelation, and the words of Jesus Christ. Who said that there would be scoffers, and people who denied him in the last days. That Christians would be greatly persecuted and that their would be false prophets.

Its kind of scary really, The fasted growing movement on Earth is the truth movement, and yet its a misnomer, there is no real truth. Just faith, and acceptance of gurus. (I use the word guru deliberately).

Gurus are worshipped: literally seen as a God. The transcendance of this in modern day is that people such as Icke, Jones, Tsarion, Wilcock- are seen as being fallible (or even "just human"), but seen as great human beings who want the best for us, yet are willing to take our cash and feed us information which 95% never bother to research for themselves. That in itself is a form of worship, the people themselves are seen as infallible, but the words themselves are seen as completely right, and often are taken in a religious context "Icke says this" "Alex was so right, man hes awesome".

Guru's want your money: In the the truth movement, people love spending money, whether it be on "dont tread on me" Tshirts or books, or subscriptions. The capitalista strike again, Its not that theres anything wrong with supporting the movement, just that the books tend to have a substantial markup (Ickes book is £20 on his website). As do the clothes (infowars t-shirts $19.95 a pop) and other memorabilia. If this information was so important, would it not be substantially reduced? Christianity would bring anyone into the fold that it could, for free in its early days. But Both Icke and Jones charge subscriptions for any of their published works, Jones actually charges for you to watch him do his radio show, and calls it prisonplanet.tv, but really..he kind of shoots himself in the foot with this one, because now you get to see how insincere he is ;)

But enough of slating them both. back to business:

Gurus tend to see themselves as God: Jones is scot free on this one. But Icke DID claim to be A son of God. And uses many theosophical terms in his early works such as Godhead, channelling Alice Bailey's spirit guide Rakorsky etc.

The modern New age is in fact Theosophy repackaged, theres no mention in the mainstream of the depopulation, but all new agers denounce religion. Zeitgeist was a great example of this: notice how its ONLY christianity denounced. Its seen as a joke nowadays - and theres no reason for it. But its the main target of derision - Islam isnt treated the same way (which might I add is why this ridiculous lie that in 50 years most of Europe will be muslim is spreading so easily).

I will add youtube links here for an amazing documentary called Megiddo, it comes in two volumes, "march to armageddon" and "the new age".

Christianity is so despised in Modern times, because Satan (yes he exists) is orchestrating the greatest fraud in our entire history: the lie that we can become Gods. Thats the New age for you, self empowerment, spiritual ascension (see stargate episode Meridian), Gnosticism - ideas that we contain the spark of God within us.

Nope..we are marching towards a new world order, but its going to be very different that people expect. You will think its been won by us, but in fact its been won by Satan.


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