R.I.P WIlliam Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)

"I believe first in God, the same God my ancestors believed in. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my saviour. Second, I believe in the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, without interpretation, as it was meant to work. I have given my sacred oath "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. I intend to fulfill that oath. Third, I believe in the family unit and, in particular, my family unit. I have sworn that I will give my life, if it is required, in defense of God, the Constitution, or my family. Fourth, I believe that any man without principles that he is willing to die for at any given moment is already dead and of no use or consequence whatsoever."

M. William Cooper
August 3, 1990
Camp Verde, Arizona

Not posted for a while, frankly guys I haven't much to say at the moment..It just seems to be same old same old. Although I will let you know that I bought 'Behold a Pale Horse' by the true late-legend Bill Cooper. RIP Bill.

I'm going to also add a documentary on his life too, called 'The Hour of Our Time' you can view it here

The reason I mention Bill, is because on November 5th 2001 he was murdered by police, if you view the documentary you will see the whole story from beginning to end, you may not know anything about him..but research and you will see that everything happening now, Wikileaks, Alex Jones and his militant "infowars", all of it stems from his death.

Cooper exposes 9/11 before it happens and he dies 2 months after it happens:

Already building up his empire Jones takes over, builds a massive organization and rakes in huge profits and EVEN manages to get TV interviews spreading his shit. Yet one of his biggest achievements was getting "9/11 was an inside job" into his followers psyches? Yet hes still alive?? You say perhaps he is too big, and his death would raise suspicion. Bill Cooper had 14 million listeners globally - thats easily as much as Jones if not more!

Now onto Wikileaks..perhaps the biggest (admitted) psy-op of the year. There has been alot of trust put into wikileaks by the truth community. But I've considered this, and heard on BBC News (half-jokingly - so you know its probably true) that there is belief in the connections of wikileaks to the CIA. Well it makes sense. Jones is CIA (in my opinion - back off lawyers) and he pushes wikileaks left, right, and centre (or at least he did when i listened Blog Article on Wikileaks

So how does this connect to Bill Cooper?

CAJI. Never heard of them? Well at one time it was the BIGGEST civilian intelligence agency in the world..yes the entire world. All set up and funded by Bill. When Bill died, it died as well. CAJI had people infiltrating organizations like the freemasons, set up contacts that Bill could interview, and provided complete anonymity for those involved whilst ensuring information COULD BE MADE PUBLIC. Sound familiar? Wikileaks has the CAJI crown, and the infowars seal of approval, and is now involved in a massive legal battle and is going to expose all the sources in court.

Basically, this is a massive psy-op for the public, and for those poor souls who thought they were doing the right thing in exposing themselves to danger to get the info out there..and the information was probably faked as well.

Everything Bill fought for and died for was replaced by lies and manipulation, and without him I fear we will never get out of this rut. People need a messiah and those smiling robots on TV seem to satiate that desire, and for those who need a messiah to lead them to freedom well, people like Jones will gladly do so whilst milking them of every penny.

Behold a Pale Horse is 500 pages, about 70% of that is DOCUMENTS. The rest is exposition explaining and pontificating about that and putting it into perspective - it..is..EVIDENCE. Go read an Icke book ;)

Sorry that this is such a massive rant, I will eventually review another commericial or something. just check back now and again guys.


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