A new strength

Nobody ever thinks for themselves. No matter what. From cradle to grave we are products of programming. From the birth of civlization the higher ups in that society would search for ways to control their populations. Usually ending in a swell of debauchery and corruption that destroyed the society. This happened because the most effective way of controlling a person is via their sex drive. So sex would be promoted, as when a man is sexually active he is much easier to control, much more passive. There is milennia of practice now put into place in our society, and technology to support the agenda. This is why I would put forward that we are all..completely and utterly, products of programming, through and through..and that it takes alot to admit it. I am a slave to the system, But I will not allow it control me any longer.

I hope you all admit to yourselves the restraints that bind you. Because until you acknowledge your weaknesses you cannot turn them into strengths.

good luck!


Anonymous said…
that sound is interesting

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