Lets not fight!

Recently I posted on a popular forum asking a question about the recent infobomb design. Basically I wondered why there was what seemed - to me - to be a pentagram. I just thought it was something of a risk for Jones' and somewhat dodgy anyway. Especially considering that at least some of his listening base would be a little perturbed about it.

Anyway, The response I got was, to say the least, hostile. But the infowarriors are - by their nature - hostile to criticism. But Alex Jones HAS TO be criticized, he has to be. Just as any leader of any movement has to be questioned, because no one man has superiority over any other. It takes a collective (a small one, not world government) to at least be able to say "hey, this isnt right" and to bring clarity to he who is given authority over others, and let me point out, Jones does have authority, if he is able to speak for his listeners, and to suck money away from them..then he is indeed in a position of authority.

But then we must ask, what does he do? Its all well and good to say that he "wakes people up" But to what? He speaks on mainstream news shows, which I find odd..if they were worried about him surely they would try to sweep him under the carpet? Also doesnt he quote news shows 24/7? the news which is (as Jones would say "admittedly") controlled by the elites. Things don't add up here, but noone on mainstream forums is able to express their opinions less they labeled a troll/shill/agent. this is basically the same as people questioning the policies of the american govt during the cold war and being labelled a communist. Criticize someone who actually shows evidence of being a disinformation agent and YOU WILL BE CALLED A DISINFORMATION AGENT.

The fact is, until someone can ask questions about their most loved leaders, whoever he/she may be. Even the ones that are fighting our enemies. Then we will never be free. This all happened because people gave up caring, because people valued commodities and conveniences over their own liberties.

I say lets not fight, this movement is not a truth movement, its a community that values freedom and liberty over all else. There is that famous saying, I don't like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Something along those lines anyway. There is nothing worse than silencing discontent.

Fighting for freedom, means fighting for ALL FREEDOM, not just the ones you like.


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