Sky+ the spenglers and weeners

This is perhaps the oddest post I will ever make. Giant blue monsters resembling the creature from monsters inc are shopping around asda. theyre all "camp/effeminate" creatures, complaining about narrow aisles and then then at the end the dad talks about mega weeners, and the little boy hops in excitement and says "weeners!". Misdirection towards the car boot, and the dad says "it wants to stay up"

I just wanted to point this out, as most people won't even notice, and will laugh in derision when i say this points to pederasty and homosexuality in both disney (evil child molestation/sexualization organization) and the elites (well we all know how many penii your bottoms need to have recieved to join them. Why do they bother showing this on TV? well a. to laugh in our face and b. because the elites don't hate us, they kinda pity us, they want us to figure it out, because im guessing that thats how they recruit their members. c. its also how they communicate! the most innocuous thing that looks a little odd to viewers could be like a 2000 word essay to those in the know (a picture is worth a thousand words).

why are they blue? that i don't could mean that this innocuous, innocent advert is a revelation truth to the masses, and those that can see it, maybe are rewarded somehow. its a guess, if anyone knows why for a fact..please post.


Anonymous said…
that is the very funni vid
Anonymous said…
hm....i understand man

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