Why Does Nobody Look Up?! (updated)

These images speak for themselves, 9am is the time to get out there, I don't understand it myself, should people ignore it? Is ignorance bliss? Or is the fact that all across the western world Barium Oxide is being dumped into sky something that should be all over mainstream news? Of course its nowhere to be seen, thats to be expected, but chemtrails aren't something that need to be reported, they're there right above you right now! go out and look!

But no-one does, and even if they see them..if you tell them what they are...YOU ARE NUTS. But frankly, I'm happy to be off my rocker.

Just checking my comments and this was posted by Adenae - thanks for that, I apologise that it took nearly three weeks to notice, I should check my comments more!


Having run the risk of sounding much the crazy man decades ago my(s)elf, I cannot tell you how much of the spraying activity I've been witness to, as well as being aboard a commercial flight this past June, sitting right at the window, when all of an abrupt sudden, I witness, in full daylight, as a sprayer is hurtling full speed toward us from the left, slighting lifting up just in the nick of time to pass right overhead, rather than instigate a calamitous collision that would've resulted in how many casualties? And ya Gno what else, Chris? It was a small windowless plane with no cockpit whatsoever; essentially, they're unmanned, remote controlled aircraft, probably due to the extreme toxicity of their payloads.

You have, of course, by now heard of Clifford E Carnicom's extensively researched chem trails web site, have you not? If not, then get cracking, lad.

All the best wishes in alerting the sheeple,
Anadæ Quenyan Effro von Thüringen
Thank you, I hadnt heard of that website but will have a good look at it.
There is a good likelihood that the planes themselves are unmanned, as alot of normal people asked to pilot aeroplanes that are dumping toxic chemicals on the public (including themselves and their own family) would probably refuse, it also limits the number of leaks possible as well.
Of course we are all aware of those remote controlled chemical compartments behind the engine on passenger flights as well.

alot of people think those big long white trails behind aeroplanes is normal, and even when its pointed out that while "that plane" has a long white trail behind it, that other one on a different course has no trail!
Still resulting in looks of derision and disinterest "its just a contrail, its normal LOL"

The fact you saw one of them is amazing, ive seen a hell of a lot from down here in a very short time. But to see it in the air...wow!!

thank you for your reply!

Additionally, Chris, I was directed to this video feed just the other day, two months after first commenting here. Spread the link … and the bad news.

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