Nonsense + more nonsense does not make sense

Sorry its been so long guys, I've started a new job and have been concentrating on that rather than blogging, I know that really I should be balancing both but I suppose it comes with growing up too fast that things get left behind. Needless to say my research hasn't, I've been reading new blogs, downloaded a massive William Cooper - hour of the time archive here and have been banned from the David Icke forums for telling a mod to fuck off, ah well! needless to say my opinions of the mods on that forum, and of David Icke have become very much sour. I've spent weeks in criticism of him and Alex Jones, as they are exploitative, arrogant, money grabbing disinfo agents.

Dont believe me? good! Don't believe me, because if you do without evidence then you will not grow as a person. Come to your own conclusions yourself, research! Use google!

Ask yourself: Why there needs to be a new world order? how could martial law benefit the priest class? Why reptilian aliens? why not insects? why snake men from the 5th dimension? why not the 6th or 7th or 8th or 9th or 10th or 11th?
Does David Icke's/Alex Jones' theories stand up to scrutiny or scientific analysis?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding..NO

firstly, a global government puts an end to war - thats what alex jones says, david icke, and lots of others, yet war is the most efficient way to reduce population, granted, a third world war with nukes could kill billions, which would do the job well, and then global government would have massive support with the survivors. But thats messy..chemical bombardment may be slower but its just as efficient. So while there may be global government on the cards, it wont be due to war, at least not an apocalyptic one, imagine all those slaves who could have made a profit for the NWO, or built a new pyramid or whatever.

I'm not criticising there being a NWO plan for global socialist government, THERE IS. But what I'm saying is that its not going to be mega fast like Jones and Icke put out. Don't expect to wake up tomorrow and there be troops in the streets and Nukes flying over your head.

There will be no martial law, not in the near future anyway, its not going to be beneficial, the medes and priest class want your adoration not your fear. If there is fear there will be rebellion, if there is love there will be worship. Notice the perception of Obama as superman! and in the UK the tides are turning pro David Cameron, the agenda is predictable, make the masses love you, and they will follow you to hell, make them hate you - and you will burn.

So why reptilians? this one is easy, look at reptilian aliens in the media, they can be anthropomorphised in a way that giant ants, or spiders cant. They also have a snakelike Luciferian quality.
They are perceived as being evil, cold killers that will hunt down prey relentlessly, and are a more realistic threat than say, cat-people. However, the idea that they shape-shift? It requires vast leaps of faith and shit loads of pseudoscience and new age bollocks to make it work, the idea that a 5 foot queen mother can suddenly become an 11 foot reptile is just insane, it really is.
Just think, in order to make this work, these reptiles have to come from another dimension, but if they were from another dimension, their interaction would be irrelevant, for example, a wall is a two dimensional surface, this wall contains life, but interaction is arbitrary, you can kill it, heat it up, or culture it - this life is bacteria and single celled organisms.
If these organisms possessed their own David Icke, this David Icke wouldn't be talking about humans trying to destroy their world; they would be talking about shape-shifting E-Coli, because as dimensions increase the organisms becomes more complicated, think of flatland. We are incapable of perceiving the life that inhabits higher dimensions but they are indeed capable of perceiving us, but we can safely say they will be unlike ANYTHING we have previously encountered.

When I first truly analysed Icke's work, I knew there was something wrong with it but couldnt put my finger on it. But I suppose any man who tells you EVERYONE ELSE is wrong and he is right is obviously a charlatan, cynical? he provides no evidence but asks for your money, philosophically I am being very very cynical. But we can only work from our own experience, and these "sheeple" I'm surrounded by are more right than they are given credit for.

Im not saying dont read his books, or listen to his interviews, In fact you should, view it with a rational mind (rational = inquisitve but not overly emotional, not going to jump to conclusions). Then ask yourself if this man is truly making sense.

In one interview I remember that he said that before "the fall", when reptilians hacked into the matrix (yes the film is real and not gay propaganda)all animals were fed by sunlight, lions never ate gazelles, they were all friends (why those big teeth lion? why those horns gazelle?) and humans could communicate telepathically with animals.



I stopped here, the moon matrix was too much. If he said that abductees had visited a moonbase that was built by aliens I could accept it whilst cringing. But the moon being the moonbase?? Yes I could probably given other research be quite happy to believe the moon was hollow, But he expects you to believe that the moon is an interdimensional base manned by aliens who control our thoughts and maintain the artificial reality created for us by the reptilians...No, sorry...if anything this information is irrelevant, believe it or not the distance from the earth to the moon is enough that i feel safe, and seeing as i have absolutely NO BELIEF IN REPTILIANS, Its just more nonsense from a corrupt and exploitative man.

Where is your evidence David? who told you about the moon? Your spirit guides?

Go fuck yourself Icke, and while your at it fuck Alex Jones too. your both punchbowl turds.


... said…
HI there, dare I say it but I found your blog via The Celtic Rebel (I know that if I keep writing this on peoples blogs his head is likely to explode!)
Anyway, I am SO glad you said it like it is re: David Icke....Through my early years of research into Ufology (which I don't bother with anymore!) I can see that Icke 'formulated' his stuff (or someone formulated it for him to spout to the world) right out of ufology and sci-fi lore/stories/myths...Its amazing what people are prepared to believe, however ridiculous!
Very interesting blog btw.
Hi Marty sorry its taken so long to answer, I dont expect to get that many comments so my checks are few and far between!

yes, Icke has essentially given people what they want. A V style story of intrigue, paranoia and suspicion where anyone can be an alien.

He is telling people what they want to hear, that aliens from another dimension are the cause of all the worlds suffering.
It makes sad lives far more interesting.

Oh and to let you know I am back on the Icke forums with a new name. It often annoys me that people feel that they can criticize subjects they know nothing about, its like reading the letters page of The Sun.

thanks for reading:)

Phil DeGrave said…
Didn't realize the post said 2010 til after I hunted down the link. oh well, I'll pass it along here anyway. Alex Jones: ‘DMT elves want the elites to kill us all’
This shit is golden.

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