From Virgin to Whore


I've been perusing Celtic Rebel's blog non stop for around 3 weeks now. Having previously considered myself "awake" thanks to Alex-Jones syndrome, I was massively shocked.
If you were to ask who the greatest human being who ever lived was, you would probably quote some famous figures, Einstein, Darwin, Beckham. I would say Celtic Rebel was one of the greatest people who ever lived. Why? Because he isnt constrained by the media, he looks at the media and sees beneath the surface, and he helps others to do the same. Something Alex Jones has never done - nor David Icke. This is why CR is a great human being. He doesnt save us, he helps us to save ourselves.

I had my first original thought a couple of days ago. I consider it original because noone told me to think it. In fact, I was told not to think it, at least not on the surface. I will spread my thought among you, and I may show you how obvious it is that we are assuaged by forces of which we have been previously unaware.

Its a British TV commercial for Virgin Trains.

Watch the video, please! (video removed due to copyright claim)

Celtic Rebel will start the proceedings, Love Heart = Vagina Its as simple as that. read that and you shall see.

Keep this in mind as you watch it.

First and foremost this is not about trains, this is purely about "Marry and Reproduce" as per They Live!
It is a superliminal message, telling us to have sex, however far it takes you. Find someone and screw them. The Train is simply a convenient phallic object that they can put into the mountainous vagina.

Firstly the Commercial starts with "Our Virgin", naive and desperate for a prince to save her. She has travelled the land far and wide and is now FINALLY going to get laid. Looking around the train station we would be forgiven for thinking that she is travelling TO find her MAN. but I am considering the possibility she has already found her man, and is in fact about to screw him. I will explain this further in a moment.

I'm not as certain about this as I am about other aspects of this Ad. "19:20 My Man!" It could be an aspect of her diary, fitting her man in! Or a reference to his age and her being pleased about her getting a man of this age, or it could have esoteric significance. If anyone aware of numerology could decipher it, please comment and I will gladly add it to this deposition. I have since found out that 19:20 is a bar in London, RENOWNED FOR SERVING THE BEST BURGERS IN TOWN. You can not make this up! Fluid Style Website

So In a strange turn of events, Becky has entered the phallic object (which has in turn entered her - already found her man see), and is off on her jollys. She seems extremely pleased, and as this image shows (Heart = Vagina) She has now become sexually aware, and aware of her own sexuality. This is not just a spell, this is social engineering. How many young girls will see this advert and copy this scene. It looks so "girly", that many an insecure girl will emulate it in hopes of finding her man. Yes, young minds are so pliable.

The next scene is VERY disturbing. and leads me to think more is at hand than simply "sex" quite possibly this is about lesbianism? or at least bisexuality.

Becky is now exploring her sexuality, and finds (what i believe are meant to be 'masculine' men), Notice the big phallic log, erect behind the men. Could this imply these men are in fact gay? or could it mean that theyre sexually aroused by Becky? anyway.. it is implied then in this scene that she likes women as well, as the person holding the only visible phallic object (the log is gone, as are the men) IS A WOMAN. She may represent Tempation, or Becky's female side. This scene is most telling.

Now what I would expect is for the train to be "Going West" however its heading East. Perhaps this is because its a woman and not a man?. I suppose the fact that the train is in the "West" Midlands negates any need for it to be travelling West.

The next sequence, shows her travelling into the GREATEST CITY IN BRITAIN! Stoke on Trent! Also known as the Potteries. With a middling gay scene. Yet every person standing on the Platform on its way to "My Man" Is female. Now I know the intention of this Video, and its implication that she had her first guy, hated it and became Lesbian (or Bi) and had partner after partner who is female, and then finally let the phallus enter her and that man became her man! But if you dismiss that. Watch the video, research..and the answers are obvious, this is a superliminal message to your subconcious, and everyone elses..that lesbianism will get you a man, or is at least a good alternative to a heterosexual relationship while you wait for your man.

Notice them all singing "The Look of Love" Thats what they want, Love..and the impression is they can only get it with another woman, think of the Sirens of Greece singing to weary travellers, and that is what your getting here, theyre beckoning to her to join them...shes been there, done that..and is now about to pass to the next stage of her journey through her man, and how will their relationship become certain? By travelling to shagborough.

Yes, that does say "shagborough 777 yds". More numerology I'm sure. But its also a laugh in our face. Essentially she has lost her Virginity. Gone from the naive young woman at the beginning of the commercial to a woman. You will notice the flashing lights as she has sex, its only a short piece of film, maybe 2 or 3 seconds at most. But this is significant. ITS THE ORGASM. and this is the moment of change. She is now initiated, and her persona will change immediately after this.

It has come to my attention (thanks echoes_of_a_dream) that 777 is a casino company, so possibly "get lucky" or try your "luck" or even "poker" (POKE-HER).
777 is also the biggest twin engined phallic object in the world, made by boeing.

See! You could call this an Alter, and If you're a believer of Monarch mind control, or MK-Ultra, I'm certain you could find evidence of this. The reflection in the mirror (In my own honest opinion) symbolizes a change in perception of self, due to her experience in the journey. Its a purely sexual journey. every person you have seen in this commerical is someone she has slept with.

Now is the final leg in the journey, to true sexual awakening.

Notice the position of her hands, and look around..see if you can see anymore differences...
You may have to look back at other photos, its a subtle difference..probably explained by the last photo. Yes the Hair. Simple reason for this is to explain to us this isnt the same person who got on the train. This person is older, wearing makeup, an adult.
Now the position of the hands. Well its intention is to denote nervousness. In the allegory they have never met. Remember the distance. She has to travel to see him. In other words, from the point she enters the train to the point where she finds him, is years. from child to adult.

So this will be another sexual encounter, not a love story, but a sex story.

So she steps off the poo-choo train (i.e. is no longer a virgin)and is looking for a man (her man, disney princess syndrome)and here he is, looking to be about 19,20 (the time earlier). Notice how all the girls are avoiding him, and there is a massive gulf in between him and anyone else. There is a reason for this, its a simple one..hes effeminate and they all think hes gay! (notice big brother 11 and that everyone thought Ben was gay).

Now Becky has grown up, and is looking at her Manboy and is very pleased with him. She's all dolled up..

So what happens, shes waited all this time, gone through hoardes of women, even travelled through shagborough to get to him. Does she declare her love for him? Does he? Do they kiss? (well we never see that, it seems implied that they do, but i doubt it! No she whispers something in his ear, and by his reaction I can only imply that its sexual. Yes, her life experience has turned her into a whore, who feels that Sex = Love. Indeed readers, she is a product of her time, and her experience.

So they (seem to) kiss again. and then we see the logo
But look whos in charge. The girl has spent so much time shafting guys in favour of women. That the men are weak and supplicated and thus what would once have been the guy getting the girl. The girl has got HER MAN.

Notice the rainbow (mind control, it implies that this has superliminal, subliminal messages within it).

Where do you want to be? Well according to this you want to be on your back being screwed by as many people as possible.


Anonymous said…
hello, Nice stuff. Hope to see you in Chat room during Celtic's show.

Trains are how America got West. The tracks are symbols of transmission like DNA, if rotated the track becomes a fence which has opposite symbolism, then take the tracks and form a grid and you have a building, symbol of a Human Being and the Prison.

Trains are also references to a sexual position in orgies and comes up regularly in the research, sort of like the Human-centipede in a film recently. Or when Jon Cusack said in Hot Tub Time Machine, "it doesn't always have to be about me, it could be about your emotional train" or when Russel Crow said, "they put me on a train so I could make money", I saw that in an interview and laughed.

The index finger is what she drew the Heart shape with and is a symbol for Jupiter / Zeus. Which could be a reference to sodomy. That narrative is further illustrated as the Heart Tunnel is a sort of Rabbit Hole. The hole in the Heart reminds me of the hole in one Eye that is blind, the eye of Horus. It's a more debased reference to the Kundalini system, much like a vertical Ladder or track. Where they replace the pineal gland symbol with rectum symbol, both being mixed up in Eye symbology.
thank you regal eagle!!
Unknown said…
Good interpretation of that commercial/brainwashing vehicle. I can't watch the video now, but it looks like the train and the girl are the same thing, seeing as how they're colored with the same red, white, black scheme; the girl wrapped in blue which could be the sky, but is also a color associated with boys. Like James said above, "pulling a train" on someone means a line of people have sex with her in turn; these might be the women rushing toward the train/girl.

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