It's the End of the World as we know it!

I'm a big fan of Henry Makow, his posts on feminism and zionism are second to none. I've been visiting his site for about 3 or 4 weeks, and I can only recommend them!
Anyway, one of his writers has decided to do a post on Maitreya as the Antichrist. So I've decided to write on the Antichrist myself. This is not going to be long, as I have a post on homosexuality I'm working on.

This is ALL my opinion, and whatever info is taken from somewhere else I will try to cite.

The current christian church - all denominations (bar the unitarian) is the antichrist.

end of.

Yesterday (10/06/10) I decided to watch a documentary on Revelation,
As I watched, I noticed that the only people causing the prophecies to come into being, is The US and UK governments, AND the church. and it is said that the antichrist will speak to all nations and in all tongues, what organization is capable of that other than the church? We all know that it was the original catholic church that chose what went into the bible, labelled Judas a traitor to God, and we all know the church is bastardized and does things that god forbid, such as graven images, worship of gods other than the big man (for example the catholic church has the power to make new laws of God, and the pope is considered God's voice i.e. Christ) and the bishops who wear fish head hats in worship of Dagon. The church is at the head of Mystery Babylon, and it seems Evangelicals are too. I apologise if I have missed any criticism of the catholics out, please add more in comments.
Anyway, The Evangelicals are spread out worldwide and are the fastest growing church these days. They think that they are doing a good thing by assisting the prophecies of revelation and the apocalypse into being. But the only way this can happen is if the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt (which if it ever happens they will be there, and probably instrumental in its reconstruction) I am sure that if its ever done, they will proclaim that God is returned and I'm sure they would fulfil the prophecy of declaring they are the messiah (which only means 'anointed') is it too far of a stretch to believe that THEY who are carrying out the prophecied actions of the antichrist (spreading worldwide, all tongues, claiming to be christ[pope]) may actually be the antichrist? They are even helping to cause genocide by banning contraception and helping to spread AIDS across Africa, and influencing the beginning of a war on Islam.

As I say this is just my opinion, and I would not be surprised if Revelation is nothing more of a fairy story. But for all churches to be against the Antichrist, they seem like hypocrites to me.


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