Hamster on a Leash - WTF?

This is more of a rant than anything else. You see, part of the agenda is to break up the family, and what better way to do that than stifle the maturity of parents. Mind Kontrol (as in MK Ultra) bombardment from shows such as The simpsons, family guy, modern family all tell men how to behave. Be your childs best friend, try to get down with the kids braw. Now I know that its a bit silly when theirs genocide, and child sex slavery and all sorts of shit hidden from public view that I could work on. But seeing this (I am going to buy a hamster soon) on youtube just utterly disgusted me. Theres something of a legend on 4chan about a cat beaten by some kid - and he ended up in prison after the 4channers reported him. This is the kind of rage that i felt. Especially when moral guardians are sitting in the car with the kid and actually set it all up. Then filmed while a 5 inch rodent is being dragged around by some obese fucker. This is the culture the media is creating. Mindlessness, zombification. Idiocy and effeminacy (just listen to the dad's voice).

This is from the tagline;

"Spencer buys a hamster and takes him on a walk. To see 5 minutes of unedited footage, click here:

I disabled the ratings and comments because there is a small but vocal group that gets touchy when I put a hamster in a blender with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Actually the thing people should be getting upset about is the children without seat belts. The hamster is a rodent who spent his days in a 1 foot smelly petstore cage, and wasn't hurt (harness around chest not neck). He's since forgotten his 5-minute walk in the fresh air. But that's mostly because we strapped his leash to the back bumper and kinda forgot about that until we got home. Poor little guy probably kept up with us for the first mile or so from Target.

There can be no satire without ire. Sorry to those of you that unsubscribed over this like TheMeltingSnowman. You'll miss our celebrated "Midgets Tossing Kittens" video next week.

Thanks to Jonathon Roberts for the most excellent music"

This is what is classed as satire? Unabated cruelty. Dragging a Hamster around on a leash? having baying crowds of kids picking it up and squeezing it and treating it like a commodity? and a man obviously in his late 30s sitting there giggling? Then joking about tying it to the bumper? I hope someone beats the fuck out of this guy, seriously..he has no sense of decency. I hope that someone high up likes hamsters, and sends in the CIA to off this fucker. I do realise this video is 2 years old. It does not make less the utter cunt that he is. He should know better than to instill values like this into his kids. If hes an utter retard, just imagine what his kids will be like when they grow up "Lets go rape a dog kids, post it on youtube 2.0!", after we can can go MacDonalds!

What shocks me even more - or less..is that I know people thought it hilarious, and that other people on youtube have done far worse. Exterminate us now please, for as we are right now, we don't deserve to live. You have won, you superintelligent, super-rich, super-powerful Gods among men.


Big mama said…
Not to mention that the dad suggests naming the hamster, "Richard Gere." How sick and wrong is that? I imagine the discussion around the table at dinnertime later, because you know the kid is going to ask again what the dad meant by that. And of course, the dad, being the cool friend to his kids that he is will enlighten the poor child. Sickos.

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