Well my post about David Cameron, that he was the continuance of our enslavement, has come to pass. I was never sure if we would have a hung parliament or not - I'll admit that without shame - but as the election came to its end, I remembered how much a hung parliament was mentioned, and wondered if we were told that the conservatives would win a landslide victory, would they?

Anyway, about two hours ago it was announced that Cameron is now our PM. So much has always been obvious, If Labour had continued there would be no mandate. My only relief is that the Milibands are not in government. They are the most vile and dangerous creatures ever to enter British Parliament. They are our next threat.

I am laying it straight, three things will happen in the next four years, another financial disaster, "unforseen", and another war, possibly in the Falklands, or yet to be alluded to somewhere else.
I mention the falklands because there has been posturing between us and Argentina, and because we recently found oil, something which has not been publicised. I am almost certain there will be another terrorist attack, on a scale unforseen..possibly to coincide with the 2012 mindset, im not saying it will happen due to 2012, but as it gets ever closer, i have a feeling it will be used to scare people.

I have the feeling Cameron will be a war primeminister, and may in time become epic, like Churchill and Thatcher - notice how conservative primeministers are in the extreme, either Brilliant or despised by the working classes - when u want something done..use the tories.

Also dont fall for the Electoral reform nonsense, if its being mentioned by those in the political elites, its usually going to result in negatives for the profane (us).


Trigger said…
'When u want something done get the tories' LOL. Yes its a horrific thought.

You know 2012 would be the ultimate opportunity to plan something devious such as a 'terror attack' etc. But dont u think its too obvious? If that ever happens, it has to happen in the states u know since people over there are so 'intelligent' they'll take any sh*t onboard.

Personally I find 2012 hilarious with all due respect to the mayan calendar which arguably may or may not end in 2012.

Its interesting that you mentioned Argentina rather than the obvious Iran war...the U.S. in my opinion has already made up their mind bout Iran planning a nuclear plan etc just like they did with Iraq.

I find Iran trillion times worse than the Iraqis ex regime in terms ideology.

In the end of the day 'they' are all protecting israel. And they will go to war because of israel.
Yes, Israel is the centre of the world.
All foreign policy pertaining to the middle east results in consultation with Israel.
Iran is a shaky point, It seems to obvious a step to invade, especially as they keep pushing the nuclear issue. I think Iran is a distraction from other plans that they have, I'm also hoping it is. If Iran is invaded it will terrify Syria, and it could lead to world war 3. Remember the old Axis of Evil? It still stands.

I mention Argentina because the Falklands is still in contention. and Argentina is an up and coming nation. The oil found on the Falklands Islands could lead to Argentina going from third world to first world financially in 5 years. Right now its in British hands, but who knows over the next few months?

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