Twitter has me tweeting away :D

Im usually quite tech-savvy. I have dreams about buying a decent laptop, playing games on it, watching porn on it, and then eventually going to sleep.
But thats not the end. I have a facebook, myspace, bebo, livejournal and now a blogger account. Im normally on the cutting edge of social networking.

It took me ages to find twitter. Why I don't know. But its scared me.

People like LeVar Burton are on there, Brent Spiner, hell! Jonathan Ross.

I could have been talking to these guyz for 2 years? Well no. Sadly Im a drone like everyone else and hit the twitter bug when everyone else did. Now usually im telling people to get myspace, get facebook! But this time i was told by the TV.

I feel old..Im going to university in september, and im obviously about to become a blogging legend with people logging in weekly to see how I am, but i missed this craze by a few weeks..and for a proud nerd thats blasphemy.

But yes, now here i am, searching daily for new celebrities to make friends with, possibly even stalk? who knows.


But i have to say the number of fake profiles...whats that all about? I see people pretending to be president obama and can understand that after all most powerful guy on earth..pretty damn cool loved by even the KKK..fantastic.
But who would want to be William Shatner? okay trekkies love the a trekkie..but why pretend to be William Shatner???

The mind boggles, and it brings to mind images of schoolgirls held captive in basements while a deranged transexual kidnapper plays with his nipples. It seems rather apparent that the 2000s will be remembered as the decade of lost youth, when a whole generation of people from 11 to 35 gave up walking, playing football and screwing hot chicks so that they could sit on their computers and get in touch with their feelings..and then screw hot chicks.

I have no argument, its possible that if id never have had a computer id never have been able to get as many girls as i did in my youth..hell I'm 23 and have 4 profiles, lots of girls and lots of opportunities. Its quite possible ill end up marrying one of these profile girls, and I wouldnt really complain. But my social opportunities would have been diminished if i hadnt of had a computer and the internet.

Thats the fact of the 21st century, everyone complains that it was better in the past - before computers - but i think its enriching, I know people from california, argentina, and people as close as down the street. I still go out..but i have more friends as a result.

Twitter is facebook 2.0, its quick, efficient, and u can still chat using the @ feature. The difference is that the features are more limited, but the opportunities are more increased, you can say more on twitter than u can on facebook - its all glitz and glam. Most people who check facebook check status updates.. and give up after that..its depressing when the little orange number isnt there telling you how many notifications you have (0)

Twitter takes that away, u can guarantee that wil wheaton will say something, maybe not to everyone!

Thats the magic of social networks 2.0, u dont have to feel unloved, because everyone is loved.

next step okcupid :) haha


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