Why are people so desperate believe in things that are so...Out There??

Okay ive spent a few days deep in thought, about all sorts. UFOs, Alien Abduction, prophesy, religion, ghosts...and all i can come up with is this - its a load of shit.
I know I know, its a bit harsh..after all millions of people believe in these ridiculous things, therefore it must be true, I mean wish hard enough and it comes true right?? thats what Americans believe, just look at your myspace quizzes, everythings special in them, your favourite color, your favourite place to screw your boyfriend..all of it is so wonderful that some dolt has to sit there writing these things. See this is how ive been all weekend..so cynical, this is what has led to my evaluation of exceptional beliefs and why they exist.

Youtube, my god you can find anything on there...fetish porn if u look hard enough..i didnt try hard enough for snuff movies but ill bet theres a group on there exchanging it - anyway - after about 10 seconds of searching i discovered Alien Interview..a rather illegally posted 43 minute documentary featuring a video of a puppet that someone rather cleverly..and anonymously sent to some studios 10 years ago claiming was an extraterrestrial being interviewed at area 51 before it had a fit. Now I'm not George Lucas, nor am I an actor from coronation street..so i know nothing about wooden acting - but maybe 10 years adds to ur intelligence and within 25 seconds of watchin the video i knew it wasnt real..that hooked me tbh, i understood right away that the UFO scene is all lies..and Alien Abduction was basically a bunch of idiots and schizos who enhanced their experience of sleep paralysis (which i get) to a point so massively exceedingly common sense that ts exploitable.

Was i right? i only had a theory so how could i prove or disprove it..i mean they had photos of UFOs, and the abductees had their implants and a rather well founded story of genetic experiments and hybrid breeding..damn i must be wrong!

Ever been lonely..i think everyone has yeah?
Imagine it was everyday, and you suffer some pretty bad hallucinations every night before you fall asleep..luckily you're paralysed so you dont kill your pet cat, but everynight you suffer this paralysis, you see things..terrifying things..and for some reason you cant move..what are these creatures who stand by my bed at night..they look so familiar to me but why? (chances are that documentary you watched a year ago had them in it) they talk to me in my mind, its like im thinking it for them, but i hear it as well. Honestly, apart from seeing aliens which is very possible, all those things I myself have experienced..oh and i have seen things in my bedroom while paralysed, seeing aliens is easy..ive seen floating shadows, hell ive had a voice right by my ear which said everything i thought..its so possible to experience these things that i cannot believe that abductees are so willing to go with what these researchers tell them..and then these so called professionals write a book on the subject and make thousands.
The only thing that makes alien abduction any different from sleep paralysis is the aftermath of it, the experiments, sexual molestation by black eyed big headed aliens..which just so happen to fit the popular culture..and have done since the 60s. all it actually takes to create this whole encounter is one alien seen on TV, perhaps forgotten..then regurgitated under hypnosis..then without a doubt other accounts will follow. Loneliness is why, its an excuse to talk to people..its a reason to live..to spread your tale..so others know of this. and so the cycle begins.
Hypnosis itself is a pariah..it brings out all these memories..but is it recounting a tale that has actually happening or is the regression itself simply writing and THEN recounting this tale..thats the problem, you give a lonely and mentally unstable person a spaceship, a bright light in a room and a pop culture alien and tell them to tell you what happened and you'll get what anyone else would tell you, they were abducted, molested, tortured and shown the earths demise. Why would you get that story you ask? Its simple, people who are abducted are largely self absorbed people who only care about themselves, so everything that occured happened to them, damaged them..and so they recieve sympathy and a reinforcement that it is real..had happened and will happen again.
Wow ive written that much now i give up, ill write about the other subjects at another time!


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